Federal Prosecutor Matthew Graves Admits Complexity of Hunter Biden's Tax Fraud Case

Federal Prosecutor Matthew Graves Admits Complexity of Hunter Biden's Tax Fraud Case
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There was some speculation on whether Hunter Biden would also face a tax fraud case in addition to being indicted on three firearm charges. However, United States Attorney Matthew M. Graves, handpicked by President Joe Biden, admitted to Congress recently that he wouldn't be partnering with his Delaware counterpart to bring charges against Hunter. The federal prosecutor argued such cooperation rarely happens because there is 'no way' to 'get up to speed on everything,' as per the New York Post. However, the attorney clarified in a closed-door interview that he never stood in the way of prosecuting the 80-year-old's son, Hunter. 

Image Source: Getty Images | David McNew
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by David McNew

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Previously, two IRS whistleblowers blasted in dramatic public testimony that the Biden appointees in the Justice Department hurried away charges against Hunter in the tax fraud case. However, the US attorney told the House Judiciary that Special Counsel David Weiss could have charged the President's child. Graves also clarified that he and his legal team would have assisted Weiss with administrative help to make the charges, reported the Washington Times



The 48-year-old lawyer said before investigators, "The challenge is—particularly when you're talking about US attorney and US attorney—is you're bringing in another chain of command. And once you're partnered, you have to reach consensus. So, as a manager, in general, we don't want to do that." He elaborated on the fact that it is nearly impossible to 'accelerate' such matters. 


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The federal prosecutor also stated, "And on our end of it, if it's an ongoing investigation," adding that "there is no way, whether it's three weeks, three months, if it's been a multi-year investigation, that we can get up to speed on everything that has occurred beforehand." Graves continued, "So you're kind of buying a mansion without an inspection, and whatever problems exist, you are buying those." Graves also claimed that he only had a 10-minute phone call with Special Counsel Weiss once in February or March of last year, and after that, they never spoke.

Weiss had been promoted to Special Counsel in August 2023, and he called the Biden-appointed lawyer to bring the tax charges in Washington, DC. But after three weeks, Graves revealed his office declined to partner with Weiss after reviewing the case material that had to do with Hunter's tax fraud allegations. 

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Apparently, the tax fraud case went back to Joe Biden was Vice President to Barack Obama, and he [Hunter] failed to pay the taxes on income from employers in places like Ukraine while living in DC. Graves expounded, "My understanding at a high level is there was some interaction with the [assistant US attorneys] in Delaware."



He continued, "They got some case-related or investigation-related material. I don't know specifically who the individuals were that they interacted with or what materials they reviewed or gathered," adding, "To the best of my recollection, no, I didn't review any underlying case materials." Attorney Graves emphasized had Weiss reached out to him for help, he [Graves] would've had no problem assisting. However, he was unclear about the way forward since the two never interacted after that. 

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