Ted Cruz Warns That Vaccine Passports Could Cause 'Government Overreach'

Ted Cruz in the Senate.
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During an appearance on Fox & Friends on Friday, Sen. Ted Cruz warned of the repercussions of vaccine passports while introducing his bill to ban them.

As reported by Breitbart, the “No Vaccine Passports Act” would bar the government and employers from requiring vaccinations.

“Listen, I think vaccines are terrific. I’ve had the vaccine myself. I think it’s given us a lot of freedom, but I think there’s a real potential for government overreach, and I don’t believe anyone should be forced to take the vaccine."

Cruz Is Hoping Joe Biden Will Support His Bill

Cruz noted that Joe Biden has publicly assured Americans that the federal government will not mandate vaccine passports and expressed optimism for bipartisan support of his bill.

"And so, if he believes that, if Democrats believe that, they ought to be able to support this bill."

Cruz touted his bill as one that expands existing civil rights laws and ensures that those who do not want a vaccine cannot be discriminated against.

Biden's Administration Is Examining Vaccine Passports

President Joe Biden stares off camera.
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As reported by Axios, Biden's administration is currently examining the possibility of using vaccine passports for international travel.

The revelation was made on Friday by Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas during an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America.

"There’s an underlying point here, of course, which is everyone should get vaccinated," he said.

Afterward, a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security clarified that there will be no federal vaccine mandate or federal vaccinations database.

We’ve always said we’re looking at how we can ensure Americans traveling abroad have a quick and easy way to enter other countries," they said.

Tucker Carlson Also Warned About Vaccine Passports

Fox News host Tucker Carlson also warned of the effects of vaccine passports, although he had different concerns than Cruz.

According to Carlson, vaccine passports will provide ammunition to conspiracy theorists who believe that vaccines are a scheme masterminded by billionaire Bill Gates.

Notably, some believe that Gates is pushing the distribution of coronavirus vaccines in order to microchip individuals who receive the preparation.

BBC claimed that there is no evidence to support claims that Gates or his foundation is engaged in any such scheme.

The Debate Around Vaccine Passports Continues

Given that any vaccine passport program will likely run on digital infrastructure, the debate over privacy concerns continues.

European Union noted that Apple and Google are already facing privacy concerns, and their possible involvement with vaccine passports raises serious concerns. 

Elsewhere, the World Health Organization argued that tech giants would not be involved in the vaccine passport program.

Per CNBC, the tourism and aviation industries are eyeing the technology to ensure that business can return to normal even as coronavirus continues to spread around the world.