Joe Rogan Slams Brian Stelter & Don Lemon: 'They're Not Real Humans'

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Tyler MacDonald

Podcaster Joe Rogan recently took aim at CNN hosts Brian Stelter and Don Lemon while speaking to guest Kyle Kulinski, Breitbart reported.

“Well, Brian Stelter’s show keeps slipping and slipping and slipping in the ratings,” he said. "There are people on YouTube right now that get more views than this show. This is because the market has spoken and your show’s fuckin terrible.”

"So is Don Lemon’s. It’s the same thing. Everyone knows they’re not real. They’re not real humans.”

"So is Don Lemon’s. It’s the same thing. Everyone knows they’re not real. They’re not real humans.”

Stelter's Ratings Are Collapsing

As reported by The Daily Wire, Stelter's CNN show, Reliable Sources, has lost 72 percent of its viewers in 2021. The drop comes after the show reached its peak on January 10 of this year.

As noted by the outlet, the drop came after Stelter's conversation with White Hosue Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Stelter was widely criticized for being deferential to Psaki.

“How about Brian Stelter talking to the press secretary, ‘What are we doing wrong? What are we doing wrong?’ Like, hey motherf*cker, you’re supposed to be a journalist,” Rogan said of the encounter.


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Stelter Previously Mocked Rogan

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As reported by The Daily Mail, Stelter previously mocked Rogan's comments on "woke cancel culture," which he suggested the MMA commentator was overreacting to.

According to Rogan, at some point in the future, straight white men will be prevented from going outside and speaking due to the influence of woke culture.

"On one level it's just comical hearing this rich and famous guy express worries even though he's paid to talk for a living, he's going to be silenced in the future," Stelter said.

Cable News Viewership Is Declining

Cable news viewership is declining across the board, Deadline reported.

"The trendline across cable news in recent months has been downward versus 2020, when a presidential election and a worsening Covid-19 pandemic gripped the country," the outlet claimed.

Notably, the outlet reported that  Fox News was down 37 percent this May compared to last year, MSNBC was down 22 percent, and CNN was down 45 percent. 

Overall, Deadline noted that Fox News topped total viewership out of all competing networks with an average of 2.17 million viewers.

Stelter Recently Partied With Jeffrey Toobin

Stelter was recently seen partying with CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who recently returned to the network after being temporarily suspended for masturbating on a Zoom call.

Per The Daily Mail, the party was hosted by Stelter and was a celebration of the release of his book, Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth.

According to Mediaite, Hoax landed on the New York Times bestseller list the week of September 13, 2020, in second place on the nonfiction chart.

In fifth place was Fox News host Sean Hannity's Live Free or Die.