Anthony Fauci Pushes Back On CDC's 'Impending Doom' Wording On Coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci staring off camera.
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During an appearance on CBS This Morning on Thursday, Dr. Anthony Fauci pushed back the wording of Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky’s recent warning of "impending doom" linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

"You know, I don't know if I would use the word 'impending doom," he said, per The Hill.

Nevertheless, Fauci expressed agreement with Walensky's alarm at the increase in coronavirus cases in the United States.

"If you talk to Dr. Walensky, which we do every single day, the point she's making is a valid point."

Fauci Highlighted The Increasing Coronavirus Cases 

Like Walensky, Fauci sounded the alarm on the rising cases of COVID-19 in America.

“We're seeing the cases that have plateaued over the last couple of weeks and now they're starting to inch up," he said.

"So the point that she was making was very valid. Please be careful. Don't declare victory prematurely."

Per The New York Times, there were 68,162 new cases of coronavirus in the U.S. on March 31. As of today, there are 30.5 million cases in the country, and there have been 552,000 deaths.

Walensky Warned Of A Fourth Coronavirus Wave

During a Monday White House briefing, Walensky warned of a fourth wave of coronavirus that could grip the country. 

“I'm going to lose the script, and I'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom," she said.

According to The Guardian, recent reporting suggests that the United States could be in the early stages of a fourth wave.  

Notably, the publication underlined that coronavirus cases are rising in 25 states, which New York and Michigan notably hit the hardest.

A Fourth Wave Would Likely Be Less Deadly

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The Guardian claimed that a fourth wave of coronavirus would likely be less deadly thanks to the countries increased preparedness and the vaccination rollout, which has provided at least one dose to 73 percent of the vulnerable senior population.

Still, a fourth wave of coronavirus would still burden the American healthcare system and put millions of citizens at risk of illness or death — especially those with preexisting health conditions and younger Americans who have not been vaccinated.

Also concerning is the rise of more deadly COVID-19 variants, which are allegedly driving the recent surge in cases.

Fauci Warned Against A Premature 'Pull Back'

Amid signs of a fourth wave, Fauci warned Americans of getting too comfortable. Although he claimed on CBS News that the country would soon be able to "pull back," he warned against doing so "prematurely."

Nevertheless, Fauci noted that Americans are becoming more protected with each day that goes by thanks to the vaccination effort that continues to be deployed throughout the country.

According to Fauci, who is the U.S.'s leading coronavirus expert, approximately 3 million people are getting vaccinated per day in the country.