Derek Chauvin Perpetuated 'Racist Myths' In Defense Of Kneeling On George Floyd, Commentator Says

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CNN commentator Keith Boykin took to Twitter on Friday to accuse Derek Chauvin of perpetuating "racist myths" after footage revealed the former Minneapolis police officer defending his decision to subdue George Floyd by kneeling on his neck.

"After George Floyd left in an ambulance, Derek Chauvin justified his 9-minute neck torture: 'We've got to control this guy because he’s a sizable guy,' thus perpetuating old racist myths of enslavers, scientists and doctors that Black people's bodies could tolerate more pain."

Chauvin Called Floyd A 'Sizeable Guy' After The Ambulance Left The Scene

On Wednesday, Fox News reported that a police video revealed Chauvin speaking to a bystander about his decision to subdue Floyd after the victim was taken away in an ambulance without a pulse.

After the bystander said he did not respect Chauvin's actions, the former police officer responded with the remarks that Boykin called racist.

"That’s one person’s opinion,. We gotta control this guy ’cause he’s a sizable guy ... and it looks like he’s probably on something."

The video was one piece of evidence that showed the events that lead to Floyd's death.

Others Have Pushed Back On Claims Of Racism

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Floyd's death sparked protests of police brutality and racism in America's police force. Nevertheless, some have pushed back on this narrative.

In a piece for CNS News, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro claimed that there is "not a shred of evidence" that Chauvin's actions toward Floyd were the result of race.

"The Chauvin case, then, is a legally complex one. But such complexities have been abandoned in favor of narrative. Should Chauvin be acquitted, we are likely to hear that America has proved its racism once again."

The Trial Will Not Deal With Race

The trial itself will not address the issue of race, the Star Tribune reported.

Law professor Mark Osler said that the criminal trial will focus on the aspects of the crime and underlined that none had to do with race. According to Osler, there will be a significant rift in what is addressed inside the courtroom of the trial and what is discussed outside of it.

According to the publication, for some people, the trial has become a hearing for all police killers that have never been brought to justice.

Chauvin Allegedly Had To Be Forced Off Of Floyd's Neck

As The Inquisitr reported, a 9-year-old witness claimed on Tuesday that Chauvin had to be forced off of Floyd's neck by paramedics. 

According to the girl's cousin, Darnella, who also witnessed the event, Chauvin had his neck on Floyd's neck when paramedics arrived. In addition, Darnella claimed that officers at the scene refused to check Floyd's pulse when asked to do so by firefighter Genevieve Hansen.

Chuavin allegedly kept his knee on Floyd's neck for 3 minutes after it was determined that he had no pulse.