Bill Maher Slams Liberals For Ignoring China's Abuses

Comedian Bill Maher in front of a microphone.
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Real Time host Bill Maher used Friday's edition of his show to take aim at liberals for allegedly ignoring China's abuses in fear of being perceived as being racist, Breitbart reported.

Maher began by pointing to the "bad things" China does, including its treatment of Uyghurs.

"And liberals don’t want to say anything. Because they’re Asian and they don’t think very clearly about this. So, they conflate it with anti-Asian hate crimes here. It has nothing to do — one has nothing to do with the other.”

China Is Accused Of Genocide Against Uyghur Population

As reported by BBC, China is accused of committing genocide against its Uyghur population,  which is a Turkish ethnic group that is mostly Muslim.

Reports suggest that Uyghurs are being put into forced labor camps where some women are forced to be sterilized.

"Some former camp detainees have also alleged they were tortured and sexually abused," BBC reported.

China has denied all allegations of genocide and claims that the re-education camps in the Xinjiang region attributed to the Uyghur genocide are intended to battle separatism and Islamist militancy.

United Nations Might Act On A Uyghur Report

As reported by The Independent, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michele Bachelet recently suggested that she might move to investigate accusations of China's human rights abuse against Uyghurs — whether the country cooperates or not.

"I continue to discuss with China modalities for a visit, including meaningful access, to the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and hope this can be achieved this year, particularly as reports of serious human rights violations continue to emerge."

Bachelet made the remarks while speaking to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

Maher Often Slams Liberals

Bill Maher speaks at an event.
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Maher often takes jabs at the American liberal population.

As The Inquisitr reported, he previously slammed the group for failing to defend Israel amid its clash with Hamas.

"One of the frustrations I had while I was off is that I was watching this war go on in Israel…and it was frustrating to me because there was no one on liberal media to defend Israel, really," he said.

Maher also slammed progressives for allegedly siding with Gaza over Tel Aviv during the recent clash.

Maher Has Faced Accusations Of Islamophobia

Maher has faced accusations of Islamophobia in the past for his approach to Middle East politics.

In a Twitter thread posted in May, one user compiled his purported Islamophobic comments and suggested that Maher is revered by many liberals.

"The fact that bill maher remains a liberal darling despite his long history of the most explicit, totally deranged islamophobic racism reveals who they really are," the user wrote.

Maher was also criticized by journalist Glenn Greenwald for ignoring the American influence of the destruction in the Middle East.