Joe Biden Replaced Donald Trump's Migrant Fences With 'Plastic Barriers,' Reporter Says

Joe Biden in front of the Seal of the President of the United States.
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On Monday, investigative reporter Alex Kotch scrutinized Joe Biden and compared his administration's housing of unaccompanied migrant children to his predecessor, Donald Trump.

"The Biden admin replaced Trump's fences with plastic barriers," he tweeted

"It's still kids in cages. If they would set up or find new shelters, this wouldn't have to happen."

Kotch's comment was in response to a recent BuzzFeed News report that revealed photos of the crowded conditions that migrant children are exposed to under Biden's leadership.

The Photos Offer A Glimpse Of One Of Biden's Border Patrol Facilities

A Border Patrol officer with a child.
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The BuzzFeed News report photos were taken by Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar and shine a light on a U.S. Customs and Border Protection tent facility in Donna, Texas. 

The photos show the crowded conditions that migrant children are experiencing in Biden's Border Patrol facilities as his administration struggles to find space for the increasing number of children attempting to cross into America.

According to BuzzFeed News, CBP is struggling to transfer the overflow of children to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which currently lacks available beds.

Lawyers Have Shed Light On The Crowded Conditions Of The Facility

Migrant child
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BuzzFeed News talked with lawyers who have spoken to some children at the Donna facility. According to the outlet, the lawyers claimed some of the children were held in the facility for up to eight days without the ability to call their families or shower.

"All of the children interviewed by attorneys had been in the custody of the border enforcement agency for at least five days, over the three-day limit they’re allowed to be in CBP custody under law," the publication noted.

Biden Is Facing Increasing Scrutiny For His Handling Of The Crisis

Biden has faced an increasing amount of scrutiny for his handling of the purported crisis at the border. 

As The Inquisitr reported, he is facing particular criticism for the illegal holding of unaccompanied migrant children for over the 72-hour limit. After this limit, children are legally required to be placed in a suitable  Health and Human Services (HHS) facility.

Despite the legal requirement, children are reportedly being placed days to weeks later than is required by law. The delayed placement comes amid a surge in children at the border.

Trump Faced Backlash For His Treatment Of Migrant Children

Trump's family separation policy at the border received a great deal of backlash, as did his decision to keep such children in cages. As reported by Associated Press, Biden nixed the family separation policy. Nevertheless, like Trump, he continues to receive scrutiny for his treatment of migrant children.

The publication also touched on social media posts comparing Trump and Biden's policies and attempted to distinguish the pair's approach to migrant children.

"The posts are missing the context that the controversy over 'kids in cages' that emerged during the Trump administration was largely focused on the policy of separating families and then holding children in enclosures partitioned with chain-link fencing. In many cases, authorities failed to keep records to reunite families."