Queen Elizabeth Gives Rare Public Opinion On 'The Crown' On Netflix

Everyone is excited to see in recent headlines that Queen Elizabeth might have given her royal approval of a show about Her Majesty's life called The Crown. However, what many of her fans may not realize is that Queen Elizabeth rarely gives her opinion on matters related to those that portray Her Majesty on film.

America is in love with the Netflix series, The Crown, but Claire Foy may have been warned by Helen Mirren and others that Queen Elizabeth might not give an official or unofficial opinion about Foy's performance as Her Majesty.

Despite the fact that multiple actresses have played the role of Queen Elizabeth, she has remained silent on her opinions of these areas of pop culture or media. In fact, actress Helen Mirren, who played Queen Elizabeth in the 2013 release of The Queen, gave interviews where she explained that she did not expect any compliments from Her Majesty.

Helen Mirren construed, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, that Queen Elizabeth and her royal advisers at Buckingham Palace generally refrain from giving out information about pop culture such as Queen Elizabeth's top 10 favorite Spotify tracks. They are also not inclined to jump in on controversy and criticize artists that show their praise or dissent toward Queen Elizabeth or the royal family.

Helen Mirren also explained that she would never feel offended if Queen Elizabeth did not remark on her 2013 performance as Her Majesty in Peter Morgan's The Queen.

According to Playbill, Helen Mirren has actually met Queen Elizabeth, but said her lack of opinion on The Queen did not surprise Mirren because it showed the royal family was "liberal" and did not mind expressions of "free speech" -- even if they include Her Majesty in a negative light.

Nevertheless, Helen Mirren might feel jealous of Claire Foy because it is being rumored or insinuated that Queen Elizabeth may have thought The Crown was top-notch.

According to a May 25 report from Vogue, it is alleged by a "senior adviser" that Queen Elizabeth has watched Season 1 of The Crown. Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth's younger family members are also watching The Crown.

The verdict is that many British royals, including Queen Elizabeth, are at least amused by The Crown, and some allegedly discuss the show at family dinners with Her Majesty.

 Claire Foy's last season as Queen Elizabeth is Season 2.
Claire Foy has a rare opinion from Queen Elizabeth on Season 1 of "The Crown." [Image by Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images]

In the past, Queen Elizabeth has given a couple of other rare opinions about television, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. One of these rare opinions from Queen Elizabeth about acting concerned Jenna Coleman and her performance as Queen Victoria in Victoria.

Queen Elizabeth might have been drawn to the series since Queen Victoria is the great-great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II. Interestingly, it was reported by Mirror that insiders to the royal family say that most of the royals watched Masterpiece Theater's Victoria on ITV in August 2016 when the new series aired in the U.K.

Since this information is being provided by insiders to Her Majesty, it can only be considered rumor or speculation. Alternatively, it will be an established fact that Queen Elizabeth is a fan of The Crown or Victoria if she makes a statement in public that she gives her royal approval of the show.

Naturally, Queen Elizabeth fans should not expect that commendation ceremonies will be given for all effects of her opinions, but it does not mean that Her Majesty ignores creative contributions in her queendom.

For example, there are many famous British people that are knighted, such as Sir Elton John, or given other honorary titles on a day called the "Queen's Birthday Honours List," according to The Sun.

 Queen Elizabeth did not give Helen Mirren a rating on her portrayal as Her Majesty.
Helen Mirren portrayed Queen Elizabeth in "The Queen" by Peter Morgan, but did not get an official opinion from Her Majesty. [Image by Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images]

In addition to knighthood, there are other honors given by Queen Elizabeth that is referred to as CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire), OBE (Officer), and MBE (Member).

Last year, around June 11, 2016, Queen Elizabeth's Birthday Honors List included actors such as television presenters Ant and Dec, musician Rod Stewart, and 1940's singer, Dame Vera Lynn, became the Companion of Honour.

Mirror stated that actor Brian Blessed gained a special honor as OBE for "services to the arts and charity."

According to the U.K. Government website, Queen Elizabeth also gives out honors for the New Year, and her next honors will be announced this year on June 10.

The Royal website explains that, although Queen Elizabeth's birthday is actually April 21, the official birthday of Her Majesty is celebrated on the "second Saturday of June."

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