Model Alexis Ren Shows Off Her Curves As She Dances With Dinosaurs In 'Love' Magazine's Advent Calendar

Model Alexis Ren pranced her way into day 22 of Love magazine's advent calendar, which includes several special guests.

In the video directed by Doug Inglish, Alexis makes a risqué appearance as she dances in a thong bodysuit with "Rexy the Coach dinosaur." The minute-long clip begins with the 20-year-old walking away from the camera while wearing a cheeky bodysuit and leather jacket. Fake dinosaurs fill the screen as Alexis looks back at the camera with a somewhat worried expression.

She then proceeds to enter a "jungle" filled with dinosaurs, including people dressed in T-Rex costumes. Ren then dances, jumps, and spins her way through the dinosaur-filled video amid fireworks and a lot of smiles.

Fans took to Love's Instagram account to show support of Alexis by congratulating the young model on the accomplishment.
"Oh my god @alexisren! Congratulations this is huge!"
However, only a few commenters had good things to say about the latest advent calendar video. Other Instagram users shared their less-than-happy thoughts on seeing Alexis twirl her way into the calendar. Some people went as far as to say it's the worst installment yet.
"Ughhh why her. Her and Hailey ruined it."
An Instagram user added that Alexis and Hailey Baldwin's days ruined the annual calendar. Hailey can be seen in day 21 as she flaunts her figure in a strappy bikini as she poses on a bed and in a shower. Both videos show plenty of skin in true Love fashion.

Alexis Ren appears in Love magazine's Advent calendar
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Despite packing a certain sex appeal, it seems fans are not loving Ren's video as they continue to question her performance. Comments ranged from "Ewwwwww" to "This is just a bad joke" as people expressed their opinions.

In fact, it seems nothing was off-limits as Instagram users shared their thoughts on day 22's installment.

"If there is such a thing as too much vajayjay this could be it..."
A few others commented on Ren's physique as they questioned if she does squats or not.
"I think she's stopped doing squats??"
While others simply stated her video makes them want to workout.
"omgg now I have to go to the gym."
Alexis Ren appears in Love magazine's advent calendar
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As far as the advent calendar goes, Ren's day is not one of the most awkward fans have seen, but sources are calling it strange. Maxim reported on the video, calling it a shame that it's so nonsensical.

"It's just a shame her video, directed by Doug Inglish, is so strange and nonsensical, we had to watch it on repeat about 10 times to make any sense of it."
However, the site still finds Alexis plenty appealing despite the random guys dressed as dinosaurs.

"Get this: At one point the brunette bombshell dances the 'Nutcracker' with some dude in a giant dinosaur costume. And oh yeah, she's also wearing a sexy 'frong' swimsuit underneath that leather biker jacket the whole time."

There's no denying Alexis has a killer body and is easy to watch as she makes friends in the fake forest. However, the same can't be said about model Alexa Chung who appeared in day 17 of the calendar. Alexa puts on a cringe-worthy performance from start to finish, and it didn't go unnoticed by fans. They took to Love's Instagram to let the magazine know just how awkward the video was.

"This one made me cringe."
Despite fans not fully embracing Alexis as she leaps and bounds in day 22, at least they aren't labeling her "cringe-worthy" or awkward as Chung has been called. Fans are still eagerly awaiting an appearance by Gigi Hadid as the calendar countdown continues. Stay tuned!

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