Maxim's Hot 100 Slightly Disappoints

I'm aware that my opinion, as a lady, doesn't count for much when it comes to something like Maxim's Hot 100 list. But I do know a few things about it: I should be able to muster up some jealousy about all the "Top 20" girls if necessary, and there should be a lot of supermodels populating the upper echelon. Marisa Miller of Victoria's Secret (pictured) got the #1 spot, with Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Eva Longoria, and Sarah Michelle Gellar following close behind.

But scanning their recently-published list, I had to wonder. Where's Gisele Bundchen? She's always in the public eye, works tirelessly, and is filthy, filthy rich. Did someone have a grudge or is she really "not that hot"?

The other thing I spent a lot more time pondering is how the f*ck could Britney Spears be ranked at number 19? Seriously. She beat out Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, and Mena Suvari, just to name a few. I don't have enough time or space to tell you what's wrong with this, but I know that you'll be coming up with plenty of reasons, too.