Donald Trump And Mike Pence Might Be Splitting On Tax Returns

Donald Trump has steadfastly refused to release his tax returns. This refusal breaks long standing tradition for presidential candidates at this point in the campaign cycle. Donald Trump’s refusal to release those returns is, in fact, so odd that his running mate, Mike Pence, might even be breaking from the nominee at this point. During […]

Alex Rodriguez Gets Harsh Sendoff With ‘God Hates A-Rod’ ‘New York Post’ Cover

As Alex Rodriguez played his final game for the New York Yankees, there were plenty of people paying their respects to the third baseman. Not everyone was quite so sweet and flowery, though. The New York Post decided to run a back page headline dedicated to Alex Rodriguez that said “God Hates A-Rod.” The reason […]

Anthony Weiner Sexting Habits Still A Problem, According To Ex Mistress

Anthony Weiner was once a rising star in the Democratic party thanks to an approach that was far from politically correct. A sexting scandal involving several different women did something his political opponents couldn’t do when it effectively ended his political career. While he claimed that sort of behavior is completely behind him, Anthony Weiner […]

Researchers Crack The Code On Trump And When He Actually Tweets

A group of internet and social media experts have officially cracked the code on Donald Trump and when he’s the one sending out his tweets. The research was done after those on the web started talking about a pattern emerging in the Republican presidential candidate’s social media habits. It turns out to crack the code […]

Black Manta Is Aquaman’s Nemesis In Standalone Film: Here’s What You Need To Know

The villain who will be appearing opposite Jason Momoa in Aquaman has finally been revealed. The character of Black Manta is going to be the main villain, and the choice of the antagonist makes quite a bit of sense. Black Manta has long been one of Aquaman’s greatest foes. The Wrap reports the villain was […]

‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Reboot Already Underwhelming Those Who Want Original All-Female Production

The Ocean’s Eleven reboot officially titled Ocean’s Eight has added some big names to its cast. Unfortunately, the film still falls short in the eyes of some in the industry. The problem with the Ocean’s Eleven reboot is precisely the fact that it is yet another reboot. This isn’t a situation where there are people […]

Former Chris Christie Aide Says He ‘Flat Out Lied’ During Bridgegate Fallout

A former Chris Christie aide’s text message claims the New Jersey governor “flat out lied” when talking to reporters about Bridgegate. In particular, Christie “flat out lied” about whether or not top-level aides had any knowledge about the plot to block traffic on the George Washington Bridge. The text message in question certainly seems to […]

Rob Reiner Is Latest To Blast Donald Trump Over Troubling Remarks

Count Rob Reiner among those who thinks Donald Trump has officially gone too far. While Reiner has never been what you would call a Trump supporter, the Republican candidate’s latest comments have the director seeing red. Rob Reiner recently talked to the Hollywood Reporter about comments Trump made at a rally earlier this week. At […]

‘Man Of Steel 2’ Production Rumored To Be Moving Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Despite the critical struggles of the last few DC Comics movies, new reports are surfacing today that Man of Steel 2 is officially in production. This report is likely going to be welcome news to fans of Superman who had become a bit worried as to whether or not the sequel to the most recent […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Fans’ 10 Best Expressions Of Hate For Jared Leto’s Joker

Suicide Squad has not been the beloved movie DC hoped it would be among the critics. Despite the reviews being decidedly mixed, it’s made a bunch of money at the box office. It appears Suicide Squad does not have Jared Leto to thank for that bankroll. The internet has gone crazy talking about just how […]

Netflix Unveils ‘Luke Cage’ Key Art And Promises Trailer Tomorrow

Netflix has unveiled the official post for its upcoming original series Luke Cage. At the same time, the streaming service has said it is going to be bringing a brand new trailer on Tuesday, August 9. Luke Cage is the newest iteration of the Marvel universe that has shown off on television, on Netflix, and […]

NFL’s Hall Of Fame Game Canceled Over Bad Paint

The Hall of Fame Game has long been the official start to the NFL preseason games, but this year there will not be an actual game. Reports have been coming out of Canton, Ohio, that the exhibition contest between the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts was about to be canceled, and now it’s been […]

Black Lives Matter Draws Fire From Former NY Police Commissioner

Black Lives Matter was blasted by the former New York police commissioner last week during an appearance on a radio program. The former top cop, Raymond Kelly, called the people involved in the organization “ridiculous.” This attack on Black Lives Matter certainly isn’t a new thing, but Kelly becomes the latest high profile, law enforcement […]

Terri Irwin Opens Up About Her Celibate Life Since The Death Of Steve Irwin

Terri Irwin was left to pick up the pieces after her husband Steve Irwin was suddenly, and surprisingly, killed while filming his ultra-popular television show. It appears that while she’s been trying to pick up the pieces she hasn’t been paying much attention to her romantic life. Terri Irwin recently sat down for an interview […]

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Could Be Surprisingly Powerful

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus could be a surprisingly powerful handset if new rumors are to be believed. Those rumors say the newest version of Apple’s biggest smartphone is going to have 3GB of RAM. While it doesn’t sound like a huge boost to the 2GB of RAM that is currently on board the Apple […]

Police Commissioner William Bratton Stepping Down To Pursue Something ‘Extraordinarily Exciting’

New York City Commissioner William Bratton announced on Tuesday that he is resigning his post effective next month. Bratton was short on details about why he was leaving but long on glowing remarks on his time leading Gotham’s police force. William Bratton made it clear that he was not leaving due to retirement. He is […]

Sarah Palin Wants Immigrants To Be Required To Speak ‘American’, Would Like To Be Trump’s Energy Secretary

It should come as a surprise to no one that Sarah Palin wants any immigrants to come to the country to speak English. It turns out the former vice presidential candidate went a bit further. During a recent appearance on CNN, Sarah Palin said she believes immigrants and the rest of us should all “speak […]

Jared Leto Embraced ‘Suicide Squad’ Character By Giving Truly Gross Gifts

Jared Leto has long been well-known as a great character actor, and it doesn’t appear that changed with his role in Suicide Squad. To embody the Joker, who he was playing, reports have been circulating for a while now that Leto gave his castmates some interesting gifts while they were all on set. It appears […]

Stephen Colbert’s Return To The Political Realm Met With Applause And Lawsuit Threats

Stephen Colbert made a name for himself by being an outrageous political pundit who was specifically geared toward poking fun at people like Bill O’Reilly. The comedian had a talk show on Comedy Central that immediately followed Jon Stewart and gave fans of the earlier show an extra hour of having Republican gaffes of the […]

Werner Herzog Doesn’t Like ‘Pokemon GO’ And Hates Virtual Reality

Werner Herzog is one of those filmmakers who can say almost anything and it will be held up as a stroke of genius. This is true even when the legendary director is talking about rather silly things like Pokemon GO. Werner Herzog recently sat down for an interview with the Verge, where he talked about […]

Pope Francis Asks God For ‘Grace To Cry’ During Auschwitz Visit

Pope Francis made a historic visit to the former Nazi concentration camp known as Auschwitz this week, where he walked the grounds and took everything in. During the visit, he prayed over various parts of the camp and talked to former prisoners. Pope Francis’ visit to this part of Germany is something only two previous […]

Lollapalooza 2016: How To Stream The Concerts And Listen From Home

Now that Lollapalooza is here, the first thought that likely occurred to you is that you forgot to get tickets. You likely aren’t alone in having that thought as there are plenty of people sitting at home wondering how to catch the action about to unfold. Thursday is the official start for Lollapalooza, but it […]

Chicago Cubs Rumors: What Bats Could Be Joining New Teammate Aroldis Chapman?

The Chicago Cubs have added the bullpen piece they think will help them win the World Series. Now, it appears the team is going after another bat. The Chicago Cubs have to be happy with the way their newest acquisition pitched in his debut, even if it wasn’t a save opportunity. Aroldis Chapman pitched his […]

August PS Plus Games For PlayStation 4 Include ‘Rebel Galaxy’

Whenever we get to this part of the month, it’s time to find out what free games are coming to the PlayStation 4 thanks to the PS Plus program. This time around, it turns out PS4 users are going to get Rebel Galaxy, as well as Tricky Towers. Those are the two games specifically geared […]

Apple iPhone Sales Might Be Dipping, But Are Still Strong Enough To Beat Forecasts

The Apple iPhone might be holding its own when it comes to the smartphone wars, but it appears to be struggling a bit against its closest competitors. A new report indicates what once was the world’s premiere smartphone saw units shipped dip a bit compared to years past. It should be pointed out that even […]

‘We Happy Few’ Launches With 6 To 12 Month Early Access Period On Xbox One, Steam

We Happy Few has officially launched in early access on both the Xbox One and Steam. The question that every has been asking since hearing Compulsion Games was finally going to be launching this version is just how long it will be in early access? The developers have now shed light on the timeframe for […]

Roger Ailes Running Donald Trump Campaign Rumors Circulate Again

Roger Ailes might not fade into the background just yet. Despite being fired from Fox News last week, there have been some rumblings, including from the candidate himself, that the former news chief might next run Donald Trump’s campaign. Should this come to pass, it would certainly be a bit of a surprise for some […]

Rudi Bakhtiar Was The Roger Ailes Victim Fox News Swept Under The Carpet

Rudi Bakhtiar isn’t a name that is front and center these days, but you’ll likely be reading more about her as the Roger Ailes fallout continues. Bakhtiar has come forward recently to add her name to the people who was sexually harassed by Ailes and she claims fired because she told people at Fox News. […]

Munich Shooter Reportedly Obsessed With Violence, Found With ‘Why Pupils Shoot’ Pamphlet

The Munich shooter who went on a rampage in a German mall on Friday was obsessed with violence and death, according to sources in Germany. The gunman, who has been identified as an 18-year-old German-Iranian man, was born and raised in the city where he carried out his shootings. The Munich shooter knew the area […]

Roger Ailes Out At Fox News After More Sexual Harassment Allegations Surface

Roger Ailes is officially out at Fox News. On the heels of a growing list of sexual harassment allegations, rumors had speculated he and company chairman Rupert Murdoch were talking about the best way to get Ailes out the door. Now, Roger Ailes has indeed been pushed out the door with an official announcement from […]

‘Madden NFL 17’ Ranks Jalen Ramsey As Top Rookie, Releases Top 10

Madden NFL 17 is a little over a month away from hitting store shelves, and EA Sports is gearing up by releasing its list of this year’s top rookies and what their ratings will be in the game. From one year to the next, the things that have been the biggest draw in the lead-up […]

Big 12 Conference: BYU, UCF Are Schools In the Mix For Expansion Additions

The Big 12 conference announced this week that it wants to grow. What it didn’t announce was its plans to do so. What we do know is the league could expand to as many as 14 teams, and its commissioner says those teams could be official members by 2017. If the Big 12 conference does […]

Dan Akroyd Steps Up To Defend Leslie Jones During Racist Twitterstorm

Leslie Jones has an inexplicable amount of haters on Twitter right now. The new Ghostbusters actress has at least one prominent defender in the person of the former Ghostbusters star, Dan Akroyd. It all started after Leslie Jones’ new movie finally launched after months of hatred and vitriol aimed at the flick. It appears now […]

Arian Foster Signs One Year Deal With Miami Dolphins Days Before Detroit Tryout

Arian Foster officially signed with the Miami Dolphins on Monday afternoon, shortly after the former Houston Texans running back finished a workout/tryout. The Dolphins were one of two franchises Foster planned to work out for this week, but he decided to sign before even going to Detroit for his scheduled appointment there. Arian Foster was […]

At Least One Version Of Xbox One S Confirmed For August 2

After a few months of rumored release dates, Microsoft announced on Monday morning that the 2TB version of the Xbox One S is going to launch on August 2. Whether or not that means you’ll be able to get your hands on the device on that date might still be up in the air, depending […]

Jennifer Lawrence’s Little Known Cameo In ‘Star Trek Beyond’

You’re not alone if you missed the news about Jennifer Lawrence being a part of Star Trek Beyond. The actress has taken turns in the X-Men franchise and the science fiction series, The Hunger Games. While Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t actually appear in Star Trek Beyond, she’s a member of the cast in spirit. Or at […]

‘Pokémon GO’ Player Who Quit His Job Goes Pro

Pokémon GO dreams do come true, at least for some people. You might have heard about the 24-year-old New Zealand man who quit his job as a barista so he could spend all of his days playing the handheld game. It turns out he wasn’t unemployed for too long. It turns out Tom Currie will […]

‘Stranger Things’ Looks Poised For Quick Second Season Renewal

Now that Stranger Things has officially launched on Netflix, the real question surrounding the original series is how long it will be until it gets a second season. Obviously, it’s way too early to know what kinds of viewership numbers the show has gotten, but the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive among critics. Stranger Things […]

South China Sea Court Ruling Leads To China Flexing Its Muscles With More Military Exercises

Now that a court has ruled for the Philippines in the South China Sea dispute, China appears to be throwing a bit of a fit. The communist country was engaging in military exercises before the ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Now that the South China Sea ruling has come down, the country is […]

No, Facebook Still Isn’t Any Good At Hiring A Diverse Work Force

Facebook might be the social network that everyone all over the world wants a part of, but the company has a real problem with diversity behind the scenes. A report was just released at the end of last week which showed Facebook had made almost no progress in fixing the diversity problem it had pointed […]

Xbox One S Is Getting A Special ‘Gears Of War 4’ 2TB Bundle This Fall

The Xbox One S has been billed as a console that is not only smaller but looks nice, clean, and fresh with its white exterior. We should have known it wasn’t going to be long before Microsoft found a way to dirty up the upcoming console a bit. On Friday, the company announced that those […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Becomes ‘Pokemon Oh No’ After Hunters Head To Holocaust Museum

Pokemon GO has had quite the hold on the world’s population since it first launched. One drawback to the popularity of the handheld game has been people playing it where they really have no business playing it. This has never been more true than when reports began surfacing of people running around the Holocaust Museum […]

Isaiah Crowell Under Fire After ‘Disturbing, Offensive’ Instagram Post Showing Cop With Throat Cut

Isaiah Crowell waded into the Black Lives Matter debate in the worst way possible. A Cleveland Browns running back who has had a few solid seasons with the team, Crowell may not find himself a member of the squad much longer. Isaiah Crowell’s NFL future could be in jeopardy after he took to Instagram and […]

Jeb Bush Believes Trump’s Alternative, Make Believe World, Will Disappoint His Supporters

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are likely never going to exchange Christmas cards. While Bush was soundly defeated in the Republican primary when he ran against Trump, the former governor of Florida is still throwing verbal punches at his former opponent. In a round of interviews on Monday, Jeb Bush said, among other things, that […]

‘No Man’s Sky’ File Size Is Small On Disc, Devs Already Working On First Update

No Man’s Sky is one of the most anticipated games of the last few years, and it turns out it won’t be much of a load on your console if you buy it on a disc. Now that No Man’s Sky has officially gone gold, which means the title is complete and ready for sale, […]

Turns Out Wii U Sales Were Massively Overestimated By Nintendo

When Nintendo first launched the Wii U, the company thought it had another mega-hit on its hands. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima recently shared just how big a hit the firm thought the Wii U was going to be. It turns out the company thought their current generation console would sell almost as well as the […]

‘Red Dead Redemption’ For Xbox One’s Popularity Causing Problems On Microsoft’s Store

The day when Xbox One users can play Red Dead Redemption on their current generation consoles is finally here! That’s the good news. The bad news is it appears there are so many people trying to purchase the game that Microsoft’s online store is having problems handling the load. Red Dead Redemption has long been […]

Roger Federer Goes Down In Wimbledon One Day After Dramatic Comeback

Roger Federer looked like his old self in a dramatic comeback on Thursday in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon. On Friday morning, the 35-year-old tennis star almost took his second straight five-set match but fell short in the semifinals to Milos Raonic. Roger Federer’s loss to Raonic makes Milos the first Canadian in history to reach […]

Jose Reyes To Join Mets Roster On Tuesday, But Will He Start?

Jose Reyes is set to join the New York Mets on Tuesday, whether the city was really excited to see his return or not. Reyes is being added to the active roster for the Mets on Tuesday morning, having completed a bit of a warm-up that consisted of 11 minor league games. The team announced […]

AMC’s ‘Preacher’ Wants To Be The Show ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Adopt Post Season Finale

The AMC program Preacher has a golden opportunity to finally find an audience. Game of Thrones‘ season ended last week in spectacular fashion, meaning the fan favorite won’t be back until next spring. Fans of that show are turning to their friends and significant others wondering what in the world they’re going to watch on […]