Dinner Was Made Too Cute For This Boy To Eat [Video]

“Awww… Come on, Mom! What are you trying to do, starve me?”

Paralyzed Bunny Uses A Mini Skateboard As A Wheelchair [Video]

That’s the most precious thing I’ve seen all day. It’s too bad taco is getting a little bit jealous of the attention.

John Cena Gets Snubbed [Video]

I guess she really couldn’t see him. I’m sorry i couldn’t help myself, I’ll see myself out now.

The Life Of Death [Video]

That was absolutely and beautifully well-made! I was not ready for all that feels.

Making Strangers’ Day With A Giant Umbrella [Video]

Loving the good deeds, giving everyone good vibes!

Surprising Her Brother With A Hamster She Bought For Him [Video]

She’s such a little sweetheart! Argh! Right in the feels!

Comfortable Lizards [Video]

“Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your french iguanas…”

BrolyLegs: The Fighter [Video]

Mad respect for the man! Not only was he able to overcome his disability, he became one of the world’s best!

Guy Loses His Head After A Trip To The Dentist [Video]

Hold on to your tape nice and tight, big guy! It’s all gonna be okay!

Teen Plays The Piano Without Hands [Video]

This is truly inspiring! There goes my excuse of not learning how to play because of fat fingers!

Telling His Daughter The Abu Dhabi Joke [Video]

To be fair, she was a spectacular audience!

The Best Kisser I Know [Video]

“We were gonna watch a horror movie tonight, but this is much scarier…”

Jurassic Paso Park! [Video]

Ah Internet, you never cease to amaze me! What a time to be alive and witness this glorious and majestic video!

Mom Vs. Triplets + Toddler [Video]

Let’s take this moment to appreciate how awesome this super mom is, and all the other moms out there in general.

Kid Goes In Statue Mode Whenever He’s In Trouble [Video]

“Maybe if I keep still, mom won’t see me…”

If Movies Ended When Someone Said The Title [Video]

I’m not sure why, but that “Summer Lovin’” ending seem to have made it all the better!

A Beard, A Baby, And Bedtime [Video]

You can definitely feel the love as he plays the song. Cuteness overload is over 90000!

Cat Has A Meltdown From All The Love He’s Getting [Video]

I hope it still has a warranty because I think it sounds a little defective.

Who Will Be The Next President of the United States? (As Told By Kids) [Video]

Raising minimum wage is simply irresistible, but I’m a bit hesitant since he has only one suit.

Fat Tuesday Ft. Kevin Hart [Video]

That angry face was really intense!

Anyone Can Quantum – Paul Rudd Vs. Stephen Hawking [Video]

Dr. Hawking’s comeback at the end totally had me in stitches!

Puppy Walks Toy Dog On A Leash [Video]

“Come on, Mr. Fluffles! It’s time for your walk! Don’t be lazy, now!”

That’s It, I’ve Had Enough Of This! [Video]

That dive was surprisingly impressive tho!

Dog At A Vet’s Office [Video]

“I must go, Gotham needs me…”

The White Room [Video]

I did not see that coming! Note to self: Be sure to turn around if you’re in a steak house, just in case 😀

Dog Tries To Stop Two Roosters From Fighting [Video]

“Lemme go dawg” “Come on, man! Let him go, he’s not worth it”

He’s Beginning To Believe [Video]

Nailed it, no sweat! Even Neo had trouble doing it the first time.

Next Time, Be Careful With Your Phone [Video]

That scolding glare he gives her at the end was just so adorable!

When Someone Knows What’s Up When You’re Working Out [Video]

Awwww… all he wanted was to skip leg day!

Little Girl Isn’t Totally Convinced About Her Dad’s Explanation Of Snow [Video]

That’s adorable, dad! Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that the earth’s surface is 71 percent water! Can you believe him, mom?!

Weight Loss Motivation Brought To You By Babies! [Video]

For that New Year’s resolution you’ve been trying to keep year after year, maybe a little motivation can help 😀

Kylo Ren’s Jam [Video]

Kylo Ren is just sooo tired of Maroon 5 that he went over to the dark side.

How To Drink Your Morning Coffee In Norway [Video]

The other guy he just skated past didn’t even bat an eye like it’s a common thing in Norway!

Ah Man, The Buildin’ Is On Fire! [Video]

Best interview of 2016 so far, uh-huh!

If Marty McFly Had A Hoverboard [Video]

Seems accurate! But I sure hope he didn’t test it over water too!

Greatest Face-Swap Ever [Video]

This is so terrifying, but i just can’t stop watching!

When You’re Hit So Hard Your Laugh Changes [Video]

I think that hit magically turned her in to Donald Duck!

Star Wars By Moullinex [Video]

There’s nothing like a disco party done by the dark side! May the funk be with you!

Grouchy Muppet Doesn’t Like Your New Year’s Resolutions [Video]

Make a New Year’s resolution to never make a New Year’s resolutions ever again. (And, actually get to keep it, too!)

Puppy Potty Time [Video]

What an adorable poop nightmare!

Dungeons And Dragons 3: First Date [Video]

Loving a girl more than cottage cheese!? Man, that’s some next level commitment!

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Budget Trailer [Video]

Limited budget but definitely brilliantly resourceful and had a lot of effort put in to it! Ten out of 10 would watch a remake.

Baby’s First Bacon [Video]

I’m still having the same euphoric reaction every time I eat the stuff!

The /r/Balisong Community From Reddit Puts Together An Awesome Video [Video]

The fluidity of it all is just so gracefully beautiful.

Worst Wifi Password Ever [Video]

Utterly hilarious and confusing! Probably the modern version of “Who’s on first“?

Streamer And YouTuber Gives Back To The Man Who Raised Him In A Big Way [Video]

Nothing like a good cry to really feel that holiday spirit!

Trekkie Gets The Best Christmas Present Ever! [Video]

This guy has been destined to be an honorable and proud Klingon warrior!

Parrot Attacks Santa [Video]

I guess we all know who’s getting coal this year!

Do You Wrap Gifts For Blind People? [Video]

Totally burst out laughing! You have to admire his adorable sense of humor and infectious optimism!

Gifting Gifted Musicians [Video]

Here, hold my man card for a while. I needed a good cry before Christmas anyway!