As iPad Sales Slow, Apple Fans Wonder: Are iPad’s 15 Minutes Of Fame Coming To An End?

With the controversial headline “iPad Sales Are Cratering! Blame The iPhone!” investing website the Motley Fool began an in depth discussion of the commonly accepted statement that Apple’s iPad sales are destroyed because of the popularity of the iPhone 6. After all, sales of the cornerstone tablet dropped off rapidly last year, with many tech […]

Why You Should Love That Anna Atkins Is Featured On Today’s Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle, a print of leaves on a soft, prussian blue background, honors 19th century botanist Anna Atkins, credited as the first person to create a book with photographs. Love that Anna Atkins is today’s Google Doodle, her Cyanotypes are so beautiful. Amazing woman. — Ruth Brooks (@ruth_brooks12) March 16, 2015 Born in 1799 […]

Apple’s iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Which One Completes You?

With the newest update to Samsung’s flagship phone on the horizon, reported by Inquisitr here and here, many tech experts and fans are asking if this is the phone that can reclaim the Galaxy’s lost market share from the iPhone 6. Whether you’re considering switching platforms from the iPhone to a Galaxy, or just want […]

Xbox One Sales Up 84 Percent, Sam’s Club Reduces Price to $299

The console war continues between Microsoft and Sony. After the Xbox One dominated console sales over the holiday months, as reported here by Inquisitr, Sony’s Playstation 4 came roaring back to life in January. Previous to the Xbox One’s victories in November and December, the Playstation had beat out the Microsoft system for 10 consecutive […]

How Google Flights Will Change Your Trip Planning For Good

If you’re like most travel planners, you may not have even known that Google Flights was a thing, until the recent updates were rolled out. Originally called Google Flight Search, the search tool has been shaking up nerves at other flight search companies for a few years now. Travel Pulse spoke to Seth Cassel, co-founder […]

What Happened To Gigaom?

Since 2006, website Gigaom has been a go-to site for tech news and accessible science. As recently as yesterday, Gigaom was posting articles about Apple’s tech announcements and HBO’s new streaming service. And then, the site posted a message to readers. “Gigaom recently became unable to pay its creditors in full at this time. As […]

With The Surface Pro 4 On The Horizon, Should You Spring For a Surface Pro 3?

Ah, the inevitable debate of the technologically inclined. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has established itself as the go-to in the tablet/laptop hybrid market, as reported here by Inquisitr, and the Surface Pro 4 has been announced, probably for July. So, should you consider buying the Surface Pro 3, or hold out for the 4’s release? […]

Critics Pan ‘Chappie,’ But Film Remains A Win For Original SciFi

Neill Blomkamp has returned to his futuristic depiction of Johannesburg, South Africa, for his third film, Chappie. Critics have roundly panned the film—see here for a plot synopsis—but fans seem much more willing to see what Blomkamp is trying to do. Does 2015 have another Jupiter Ascending on its hands? Many mainstream critics have been […]

Waiting For The Apple iPad Pro? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Since early this year, rumors have been swirling around updates to the Apple iPad Air line. Referred to as the iPad Air Plus at first, the media quickly switched to thinking of the 12-inch-plus device as Apple’s iPad Pro. Many fans were hoping that April would bring an announcement of the supersized device, as well […]

Which Phone Will Challenge Apple’s iPhone 6? Samsung And HTC Main Contenders

It’s been a challenging twelve months for the companies that compete with Apple’s iPhone 6. According to the Motley Fool, Samsung and HTC, in particular, have been challenged at the high end of cell phone economics by the popularity of the iPhone 6. They’ve also faced Lenovo and Xiaomi in the midrange and entry level […]

Lean In Together Has A Hashtag, A PSA, But Does It Work?

Since Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, was published, there’s been debate about whether or not this was next step for women’s equality. Sandberg has now partnered with the NBA as part of a Lean In Together PSA, designed to get men involved in the fight for equal rights. The hashtag is full of feel good […]

Curt Schilling Lauded As Dad-Hero, But Has He Made A Difference?

The story is well-known now. Curt Schilling posted on Twitter to congratulate his daughter, Gabby, for pitching for her college team next year. There were some rude responses, and Schilling escalated the situation by pointing out that he had friends in the armed forces. The tweets then turned violent. To quote @jaclynf “What’s the only […]

Type 2 Diabetes Reversed In Rats By Yale Researchers

While there have been medical and lifestyle treatments that help deal with the symptoms of type 2 diabetes for several years, science has continued to struggle with repairing the root cause of the disease. In February, researchers at Yale announced that their work with a World War I era weight loss drug had yielded promising […]

Tinder Plus Charges Over 30s Double To Swipe Right

This week, dating app Tinder announced a new feature called Tinder Plus. For a fee, users will be able to choose to search anywhere in the world for someone to date, and will be able to fix their mistake if they accidentally swept left on someone they actually wanted to get to know. They will […]

Forget Amex: Costco’s New Partners Will Be Visa, Citi

Costco Wholesale Group didn’t waste any time rebounding from the news that it would be ending its 16-year partnership with American Express. Today, Costco announced that its new partners would be Visa and Citibank. What does this mean for customers? Visa will be the only credit card accepted at Costco Previously, only American Express credit […]

Uber Waits Months To Admit Data Breach, 50,000 Drivers Exposed

With more and more of our information online, it seems that data breaches are becoming more and more common. There is almost a standard protocol, now, for companies to report these issues responsibly. They alert the affected users as soon as possible (a delay of a month or two is sometimes necessary to avoid compromising […]

Ericsson Sues Apple Over Patents, Looks To Block Sales Of iPad And iPhone

This is not the first time Apple has tangled with another company over patents. Metro reported today about Apple’s response to Smartflash, LLC, a company which recently won several million dollars from the makers of the revolutionary iPad for patents that are in use on any device which uses iTunes. Specifically, Metro said, the patents […]

New iPad Mini Case Could Revolutionize Typing On The Go

Whether your tablet of choice is an iPad mini or a Galaxy Tab, we’ve all had that moment when we’ve gone to type an email or quick social media status, and been stymied by the size of a tablet. Tablets are too big for the thumbs-only typing that smartphones encourage, but without the physical feedback […]

United Kingdom Approves Controversial In Vitro Fertilization Technique

The United Kingdom voted recently to allow a controversial new in vitro fertilization technique, sometimes referred to in the media as “three-person babies,” making them the first country to explicitly allow the procedure. The full name of the procedure, according to Science, is “mitochondrial DNA replacement therapy.” Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from the mother, and […]

9 Most Moving Tributes To Leonard Nimoy, Spock Of ‘Star Trek’

The geek community lost its surrogate grandfather this week, as Leonard Nimoy, the actor most famous for his role as Spock in the Star Trek franchise, died after a long battle with COPD. Fan communities around the globe reached out to share their pain, and remember the famous actor. President Obama issued a statement from […]

Keith Olbermann Is Suspended For Tweet War, But Why Did He Go After PSU In The First Place?

If you follow Keith Olbermann on ESPN you know that it’s not a matter of when he loses his temper, but how much. His recent heated exchange with Penn State University students and alums on Twitter has resulted in his suspension from ESPN for the remainder of the week, according to the New York Times. […]

Why Apple Wants You To Use Their iPad To Film Your Next Project

The Oscars commercials are nowhere near as much fun as the Super Bowl commercials, but with the number of people who turn in for the annual award show, they can still make quite a splash. It looks like that’s what Apple’s new iPad commercial is designed to do. In case you missed it, check it […]

Why The Casting Of Jason Momoa And Gal Gadot Matters

While Marvel fans continue to viciously debate if the next Spider-Man movie should feature frequently rebooted (and exceedingly white) Peter Parker or the fresher (and exceedingly more diverse) story of Miles Morales, DC Comics struck a serious blow for diverse casting by releasing the first official images of Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Gal Gadot […]

With Samsung Acquiring LoopPay, What’s In Store for Apple Pay?

As Apple Pay continues to gain ground with many mobile wallet users—according to CNBC, transactions using Apple Pay account for 80 percent of the mobile wallet transactions at Panera—it’s not surprising that Samsung has decided to get in the game, joining other competitors like Google Wallet. İPhone 6 dan yenilik: apple pay is the easy, […]

Zillow’s Acquisition Of Trulia Has Finalized, Here’s What You Need To Know

For those who are looking to sell or list their home online, the online real estate market changed substantially this week as Zillow acquired its rival company, Trulia. The deal has been in the works for some time, as Inquisitr reported back in July, but the final closure happened yesterday. The all-stock deal was originally […]

Will Meghan Trainor Be More Than Just ‘That Bass’?

Unless you lived under a rock last year, you have probably heard Meghan Trainor’s five-time platinum single, “All About That Bass.” Considered by most to be an ode to embracing curves and being proud of your body, the song has also fallen under criticism from certain spheres for finding acceptance in the male gaze, rather […]

Is Apple About To Release A New iPad Mini Or Kill The Line Entirely?

There are two sets of rumors floating around about the iPad mini, and they’re completely contradictory. The Inquisitr has reported on several occasions that Apple may choose to release a new iPad mini device in April, along with the iPad Pro (which is still rumored). Even today, Christian Times continues to report on the ongoing […]

‘Doctor Who’ Fans Stay Busy With Symphonic Spectacular, Fan Videos

It’s a common problem, at least for American Doctor Who fans. What to do in the long (LONG) breaks between series? According to rumor site Cultbox, series 9 began filming in January, and will broadcast this fall. There’s really no experience like watching Doctor Who for the first time I get so nostalgic about it […]

Beauty Tips From Joanna Angel And Friends Help Warm Up Your Look

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day feels like the last nice part of winter, and now there’s nothing left until the snow finally gives up and lets us enjoy the warm awakening of spring. Finding some new beauty tips can help to spice up your routine and brighten up your life. If you’re not in the mood to […]

Ever Felt Anti-Social On Your Xbox One? Microsoft Looks To Change That

Yesterday, Microsoft released the first system update to the Xbox One for 2015. With features that surround sharing, social activity, and friend suggestions, Microsoft seems to be pushing the Xbox One into being a social media platform of sorts. Here are the highlights. Activity Feed According to Gamespot, the Xbox One’s activity feed is now […]

Nintendo’s New 3DS Releases Friday, Reviews Sound Great

With Wii U sales never quite as good as they were for the Wii, Nintendo is looking for a boost to get its sales back on track. The company’s hope to make that happen is the new 3DS, a new handheld console that releases this Friday. So far, reviews of the new device have been […]

iPad Mini Rumor Round-Up, Here’s What You Need To Know

Whether it’s because of the cold, snowy beginning to 2015 in the Northeast, or just the constant desire to get our hands on the next newest thing, rumors around the iPad Mini 4 have been swirling since Christmas, with things heading towards a fever pitch. Inquisitr has reported on the iPad Mini multiple times, comparing […]

Why You Should See ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Despite The Pans

With the Wachowskis’ new film Jupiter Ascending being called a flop by basically all the critics, it may seem like it’s an obvious movie to avoid. I have to admit, I’m not likely to shell out movie theater prices for the film, but this Mila Kunis/Channing Tatum/Eddie Redmayne sci-fi creation is absolutely on my must-watch […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Is Coming, Are You Ready?

Forbes reported today that Samsung has now officially moved to trademark the expected product names of its next generation of smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. “The move to trademark the names does not guarantee that these will be the retail names of the devices that are widely expected to be launched at […]

‘Big Hero 6’ And ‘Apes’ Join Forces To Dominate Visual Effects Awards

Big Hero 6 and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes were the big winners at last week’s Visual Effects Society Awards. The movie with a marshmallow-shaped superhero brought home five trophies for directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, and the sequel to the post-apocalyptic thriller claimed three. Just had a nice chat with the […]

Here’s Why Twitter (TWTR) Stock Climbed After Their Google Deal Was Announced

Twitter (trading on NYSQ as TWTR) has had one hell of a week. First, the social media giant penned a deal with Google which will give Google access to Twitter’s data stream, and allow Tweets to be discoverable as soon as they’re posted, according to the Wall Street Journal. Then, Twitter (finally) made commitments to […]

WhatsApp Tests Voice Calling, Here’s Why You Care

Early this week, users on Reddit and other forums began to report that they were seeing hints that popular instant messaging client WhatsApp was integrating voice calling as a beta feature. Mashableconfirmed late yesterday with a spokesperson that the feature was being tested with a “small group of Android users.” If you’re not one of […]

‘Legend Of Zelda For Wii U’: Here’s What We Know

If you’re a gamer of a certain age, there’s nothing quite like playing a Legend of Zelda game, following Link around in his green outfit and jaunty hat. With 17 official games over the various consoles of Nintendo’s design, the announcement in January 2013 that Legend of Zelda would come to the Wii U was […]

iPad Mini Versus iPhone 6 Plus, Which Device Is Perfect For You

Since the iPhone 6 Plus burst onto the market a few months ago, media outlets from the Inquisitr to Forbes have written about how the sales of the oversize phones may affect sales of the iPad mini. With Sprint unveiling a new deal, reported by Digital Trends, to lease both an iPhone 6 and an […]

Galaxy Note 4 Vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Which Phablet Is Destined For You?

If you look at sales numbers, it seems pretty clear that both the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus have hit a sweet spot with consumers. For those who don’t mind carrying around a huge phone, and don’t want to have to deal with both a phone and a tablet, these […]

Leaked Case Design Furthers Rumors Of iPad Air Pro

The internet has been slammed with rumors of the iPad Air Pro for more than a month, with a variety of speculations about when the device might release and what it will include. This weekend, the Daily Mail reported on a rumor from a French language blog, NoWhereElse, which received specs on a case for […]

Neil Gaiman’s ‘Neverwhere’ Suggested To Fill ‘Doctor Who Spot’ On Saturdays

It’s been an ongoing problem for the BBC; what should fill the Doctor Who spot on Saturday nights when Doctor Who isn’t on? The Guardian reflects that the BBC has tried to fill the slot with Merlin, Robin Hood, and the recently canceled Atlantis, but that the issue remains a “persistent stone in the shoe […]

Joystiq, Massively, Wow Insider Shut Down By AOL Layoffs

Rumors began to circle early this week that Joystiq, the AOL-owned blog that had spun off Engadget in 2005 to cover gaming and game related news, was shutting down. Yesterday, staff writer Alexander Sliwinski confirmed over Twitter that rumors were true. Official: @Joystiq is no more. Got some talented people looking for work. Plz RT, […]

‘Mario Kart 9’ Or ‘Zelda’ — What’s Next For The Wii U?

It’s no secret that sales of the Wii U, especially after the extreme success and demand that surrounded the first few years of Nintendo’s Wii gaming system, have been a little bit of a disappointment. Last May, Polygon analyzed Wii U sales to date as they discussed why Mario Kart 8 was expected to be […]

YouTuber Bethany Mota Asks President Hard Hitting Question About Boko Haram

When the White House announced that President Obama would be interviewed by YouTube sensations Bethany Mota, GloZell, and Hank Green, the press corps seems to have collectively rolled its eyes, according to Mediaite. “As the traditional political press has done before when the president has opted to give interviews to Entertainment Tonight or People magazine, […]

Pinterest Updates Search Results To Cater To Gender Profile

Pinterest has 99 problems, but the ladies ain’t one. Or, specifically, getting women to sign up and use their social media service, organized around scrapbooking and sharing of visual images, or “pinning.” Men, on the other hand, are less enthused with the site. According to the Wall Street Journal, 71 percent of Pinterest’s users are […]

80s Gamers Rejoice As ‘Punch-Out!!’ Comes To The Wii U

If you still have a score to settle with Glass Joe, Popinski, or Bald Bull, today is your chance. Punch Out!!, a favorite game originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1987, is available on the Wii U eShop today, according to Hardcore Gamer, and at 50 percent off what will be its […]

Lefties Rejoice; Galaxy S6 Rumored To Have Edge Displays On Both Sides

Rumors are swirling through the tech press about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6, from a metallic case to ditching Qualcomm chips. As fascinated readers wait for March 2nd, when Android Authority suggests that Samsung will unveil the S6 at Mobile World Congress 2015, as they did for the S2 and S5, the device is beginning […]

iOS 8 App Developers Get A Deadline Reminder From Apple

According to Apple Insider, Apple posted a note in the News and Updates section of its developer website, reminding developers that as of February 1, all submitted apps must be built in the iOS 8 Software Development Kit and have 64-bit support. They posted a similar note in December, when it was clarified that existing […]

Don’t Give Up, Gamers! Fresh Restock Of GameCube Adapters For Wii U Hits Retailers

In a world where Microsoft and Sony seem blithely unconcerned about releasing platforms with little to no backwards compatibility (the ability to use a game from a previous console generation), Nintendo sometimes feels like a breath of fresh air with their approach, first on the Wii and then the Wii U. With the original Wii, […]