Carson Daly’s Wife Siri Pinter Shares 2019 Retrospective Of ‘Baby Bumps And Family And Friends’

As the end of the year rolls around, people often get reflective and take a look back at the year that was. Carson Daly’s wife, Siri Pinter, is not immune to such instincts and took to Instagram to share a quick review of her family’s 2019, in pictures. Pinter took to the social media platform […]

Kimberly Guilfoyle Retraction From ‘The Inquisitr’

On July 27, the Inquisitr published a story about TV personality Kimberly Guilfoyle. The Inquisitr’s editorial team offers this full and frank retraction of this story and apologizes for any duress Ms. Guilfoyle may have experienced as a result of this repeated story.

Neil Diamond — A Retraction From ‘The Inquisitr’

On January 31, a story on Neil Diamond was published on the Inquisitr’s website, attributing to a now-removed story from Radar Online that said Mr. Diamond was planning to undergo an operation on his brain to attempt to treat Parkinson’s. Mr. Diamond’s team has contacted the Inquisitr’s editorial staff and refuted this narrative. The Inquisitr […]

Robin Antin — A Retraction From ‘The Inquisitr’

A story published in mid-October by the Inquisitr reported on rumors and gossip regarding the Pussycat Dolls and founder Robin Antin, alleging that the popular music group was a “prostitution ring.” While Inquisitr writers did not present said rumors as fact, instead presenting them as attributed quotes, the Inquisitr’s management and editorial staff would like […]

Dina Manzo And David Cantin Apology And Retraction From ‘The Inquisitr’

A story recently published by the Inquisitr had attributed to rumors about Mr. David Cantin, fiance to Dian Manzo, regarding alleged financial troubles. While the Inquisitr did not generate these rumors, the story in question was not sufficiently vetted in fact-checking prior to the its publication. As such, the Inquisitr’s management and editorial staff would […]

Josh Royal — A Retraction From ‘The Inquisitr’

A story published in May 2016 by the Inquisitr had attributed to rumors about Mr. Josh Royal, regarding an alleged former vocation in adult entertainment and aspersions to his character in general. While the Inquisitr did not generate these rumors, the writer in question was not sufficiently diligent in fact-checking prior to the story’s publication. […]

Kim Kardashian — A Retraction From ‘The Inquisitr’

A story published over the weekend at the Inquisitr had attributed to false rumors and gossip regarding Kim Kardashian West and alleged extramarital affairs with Marquette King of the Oakland Raiders. While Inquisitr writers did not generate said rumors, the Inquisitr’s management and editorial staff would like to officially retract this story in full and […]

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt — An Apology And Retraction From ‘The Inquisitr’

Last week, the Inquisitr published a story repeating unsubstantiated rumors that Angelina Jolie was preventing Brad Pitt from seeing their child, Shiloh. The rumors were attributed to another publication, claiming to have inside sources. The Inquisitr’s editorial staff would like to offer our apologies to Ms. Jolie-Pitt, for any duress she may have endured, as […]

Melania Trump Apology And Retraction From ‘The Inquisitr’

A story published within the last week at the Inquisitr had attributed to unfounded rumors and innuendo regarding model Melania Trump, wife of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, and her life prior to her marriage. While Inquisitr writers did not generate said rumors, which alleged Melania Trump previously earned money as an escort, the writer […]

‘The Inquisitr’ And Colonel Ronald Hamilton [Correction]

A February, 2016, story from the Inquisitr misidentified a murder suspect as retired U.S. Army Colonel Ronald Hamilton, who shares the same name as the accused, based on incorrect information from the sources linked within. The Inquisitr’s editors are dedicated to accurate reporting and regret sharing the erroneous information and would like to formally apologize […]

Joel Madden — A Retraction From ‘The Inquisitr’

A story previously published by the Inquisitr had aggregated false rumors and gossip regarding Joel Madden and alleged marital difficulties with his wife, Nicole Richie. While Inquisitr writers did not generate said rumors, the Inquisitr’s management and editorial staff would like to officially retract this story in full and apologize to Mr. Madden for any […]

‘The Inquisitr’ And Malik Yoba [Retraction]

Stories previously published, within the last week at the Inquisitr, had attributed to unfounded rumors regarding actor Malik Yoba and his departure from the popular show, Empire. While no Inquisitr writer was responsible for generating said rumors, which alleged substance abuse, the Inquisitr’s management and editorial staff would like to officially retract these stories in […]

Not Even Dave Franco Knows What The Hell Brother James Franco Is Doing, Discusses Nude Selfies And Sex Scenes On ‘Conan’ [Watch]

Wonder what the hell James Franco is doing? Apparently not even his own brother, Dave, knows what’s going on with the eccentric actor, as revealed on Conan. Whilst discussing the near-nude selfie James Franco put out to the online world, Dave tried to couch things in the right context for his host, Conan O’Brien. “I’m […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Arsenal Recreated: See Jon Snow’s Sword Longclaw Forged On ‘Man At Arms’

Game of Thrones has become a global sensation since HBO first started airing the series based on George R. R. Martin’s fantasy canon, A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s full of everything you could ask for; amazing swordsmen like Jaime “The Kingslayer” Lannister, incredibly beautiful and powerful women like Daenerys Targaryen, and monsters of […]

President Obama Goes Full Sherman On Critics At Correspondents’ Dinner [VIDEO]

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is a time-honored tradition, during which the sitting President of the United States takes a break from being grilled by the Washington press corps and instead takes the time to roast. President Barack Obama’s turn on Friday, May 3, was no exception. President Obama made a number of self-effacing jokes, […]

When Nerds Collide: It’s ‘Star Wars Vs. ‘Harry Potter’ In An Epic Battle Of Jedi And Wizard [VIDEO]

Choose your weapon: light saber or wand. It’s time to take up arms against your flat mate who dared to — GASP — take your phone off the charger. Time for an epic sci-fi/fantasy beatdown in the styles of Star Wars and Harry Potter. This suburban nerd battle hit YouTube on Monday and is already […]

Florida Man Teaches 6-Year-Old Son A Lesson By Kicking Him Down Ramp At Skate Park [VIDEO]

A Florida man apparently has a lot to learn about parenting, as displayed in his decision to kick his 6-year-old son down a ramp at a skate park. According to the video from Today, the man booted his son, who was unhurt in the incident, over the edge of a ramp. This earned him a […]

Floyd Mayweather Thinks ‘Pacquiao Fought Like An Amateur’ In Decision Over Timothy Bradley

Never one to shy away from throwing jabs, whether verbally or in the ring, Floyd Mayweather Jr. opened up about his thoughts on new WBO Welterweight Champ Manny Pacquiao’s performance in his 12-round decision win over Timothy Bradley. “I thought Pacquiao fought like an amateur and I wasn’t pleased with his performance,” Mayweather said. “He […]

Minnesota Wild’s Matt Cooke Will Sit Seven Games After Game 3 Kneeing Penalty [VIDEO]

The National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety announced a seven-game suspension for Minnesota Wild left winger Matt Cooke on Wednesday, in the wake of his knee-on-knee hit on Tyson Barrie of the Colorado Avalanche in Game 3 of the First Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The play is broken down by the NHL […]

Steve Austin: ‘I’m For Same-Sex Marriage’ And That’s The Bottom Line, Cuz Stone Cold Said So [AUDIO]

During his career as a professional wrestler, as part of the WWF/WWE’s “Attitude” era, Stone Cold Steve Austin was never one to mince words and was as cantankerous and controversial as they come. What? While Steve Austin may have cut a legendary promo or two in his day, what may (or may not) be his […]

Duct Tape Surfing Offers Paraplegic Woman ‘Communion With The Ocean’

Pascale Honore may be confined to a wheelchair, but that doesn’t keep her from catching waves with her friend, Tyron Swan, with the aid of some duct tape. As reported by Today, the French-born Honore settled down in Australia, where her two sons, Tom and Morgan, took up surfing and became friends with Swan. Pascale […]

‘Which ‘Game of Thrones’ Character Should Have A Reality Series?’ And Other Hard-Hitting Issues

Should Podrick “Tripod” Payne hit Spring Break for the co-eds? How about Loras Tyrell doing a posh fashion gig in Highgarden? Would you watch a show about Tyrion Lannister and his trusty sidekick, Bronn, touring the brothels of Westeros for the Travel Channel? Flicks and the City asked the “Game of Thrones” crew members themselves […]

FOX News’ Heather Childers Calls UConn Huskies The 2014 ‘NAACP National Champs’ In On-Air Gaffe

Whether it’s the world’s funniest Freudian slip or just an on-air gaffe, Heather Childers of FOX News got us chuckling today when she referred to the University of Connecticut Huskies men’s basketball team as the “2014 NAACP National Champs.” Did she mean NCAA, as in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, instead of the National Association […]

Don Cheadle’s Would-Be ‘Avengers’ Spoiler On Arsenio Hall Show Gets… Taken Care Of By Marvel

Don Cheadle fans had better cherish him while he lasts; if his potential Avengers 2 plot leak on the ‘Arsenio Hall Show’ is an indicator of how he’s conducting himself, Marvel Studios might be bringing Frank Castle to life in the near future to take the War Machine offline. Permanently. Check out Don Cheadle’s chat […]

Amazon Announces ‘Fire TV,’ The Cable-Killing Stream-Come-True

Look out, cable providers! Amazon is about to burn you to the ground with Fire TV, the game-changing box that lets you enjoy all your streaming entertainment on your HDTV. Hear it all from Amazon’s top dog himself, Jeff Bezos. “Fire TV is a tiny box that plugs into your HDTV. It’s the easiest way […]

British Army Sniper Takes Out A Half Dozen Taliban Fighters With Single Shot

A British sniper managed to kill six members of the Taliban with a single shot, according to reports. The sniper, a Lance Corporal with the British Army’s Coldstream Guards according to the Telegraph, shot a suicide bomber at 930 yards using an Accuracy International AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum), designated L115A3, the same rifle used in […]

Reddit User Anndddyyyy Makes Good On Bitcoin Promise, Eats Hat [VIDEO]

It’s rare enough to see someone admit when they’re wrong on the Internet, especially if you get embroiled in anonymous banter on reddit. But sometimes, just sometimes, a guy will do so in extraordinary fashion. Redditor Anndddyyyy ate his hat. This is his story. Rewind three months ago. The place is reddit, specifically the subreddit […]

Bucs’ Wideout Mike Williams Stabbed, Arrest Warrant Issued For His Brother

Wide receiver Mike Williams of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was stabbed in the thigh with a kitchen knife Sunday evening at his home in Tampa. According to the news release from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a 911 call at 5 p.m. Sunday in reference to a stabbing at 17027 Candeleda de […]

Official Trailer For ‘The Giver’ Delivers Delicious Dystopian Despair

The first official trailer for The Giver, the adaptation of Lois Lowry’s award-winning children’s novel of the same name, has hit the Web and one thing is sure: The Giver delivers! The film, starring Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Brenton Thwaites and Jeff Bridges as the eponymous Giver of Memory, tells the tale of a seemingly […]

Marty St. Louis For Ryan Callahan: Bolts And Blueshirts Swap Captains On Deadline Day

The Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Rangers made the most noise before the National Hockey League’s trade deadline at 3 p.m. Wednesday, swapping their respective captains, Marty St. Louis and Ryan Callahan, in a move that could have a big impact in the current season and for years down the line. Compensation-wise, the Lightning […]

Get The Details On The General Motors Recall For Stalling Cars — Don’t Delay

Car seat manufacturer Graco isn’t the only company dealing with a travel-related product recall this week; automaker General Motors has issued a recall of nearly 780,000 compact cars over safety concerns. The New York Times reports that GM has recalled the 2007 Pontiac G5 and Chevrolet Cobalts manufactured between 2005 – 2007 for faulty ignition […]

Unapologetic Barbie Gets Dolled Up For SI Swimsuit Issue — No, Seriously

Heads up, Net nerds, the Barbie Bikini Backlash is about the be taken to historic levels. Everyone’s favorite blonde beauty standard is headed your way on the cover of the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue—now with even more plastic!—as part of promotional advertorial content aimed at… sales? This year marks the 50th edition of the […]

U Mad, Josh Homme? QOTSA Singer Says ‘F*ck Imagine Dragons, F*ck The Grammys’

Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age has shown the world that Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor isn’t the only rocker who isn’t mincing words after the Grammys. While Reznor’s wrath was related to being cut short at the Grammys finale (while onstage with Queens of the Stone Age, Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham […]

Graco Voluntary Car Seat Recall: What You Need To Know

Child safety product manufacturing giant Graco has issued a voluntary recall for car seats and booster seats manufactured during a 4.5-year span, the company announced. As part of our continuous product testing and improvement process, Graco identified that food and dried liquids that can make some harness buckles progressively more difficult to open over time […]

Iraqi Suicide Bomb Instructor Accidentally Kills His Bombers-In-Training

A crop of prospective Iraqi suicide bombers were killed Monday when their instructor unwittingly detonated himself during a training session at a militant camp in the Samarra province, north of Baghdad, reports say. The New York Times reveals the would-be terrorists were part of a group of Sunni militant insurgents called the Islamic State of […]

Viral ‘Walking Dead’ Stunt Leads To NYC Investigation [VIDEO]

Law and order is alive and well in the post-zombie-apocalypse New York City, where a viral prank for on the city’s icy streets—heralding the return of “The Walking Dead”—may be brewing hot water for those involved. The incident in question stems from a YouTube video published by “Walking Dead” network AMC on Wednesday, February 5, […]

Results For UFC 169: Jose Aldo And Renan Barao Retain UFC Titles

Coming to you live from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, UFC 169 promised a lot of fast-paced action in the lighter weight classes, with only a single scheduled bout over the 185lb middleweight class, highlighted by championship fights in the bantamweight and featherweight divisions. UFC 169 is the fourth consecutive card the UFC has […]

Austin Mahone Didn’t Know He Was Dating Selena Gomez – Because They’re Not!

The fact that Austin Mahone is dating Selena Gomez was shocking news—for Austin Mahone. In fact, E! says no one was more surprised to hear about his alleged relationship with Gomez than Mahone himself, right before dismissing the notion. “No definitely not,” he told E! News when asked about the rumored love-link. “We’re just close […]

Feisty Nicki Minaj Rips It Up On YG Ensemble Cut & Young Thug Remix [AUDIO]

When Nicki Minaj is coming through, the smartest of chaps know it’s best to give a wide berth or just get the hell out of the way. Nothing is more evident of this than Nicki’s participation on YG’s “My N*gga” remix, which also features Lil Wayne (of course), Rich Homie Quan and Meek Mill. It’s […]

Grammys Give Imagine Dragons Sales Bump, With Help From Kendrick Lamar

Imagine Dragons may have captured Best Rock Performance at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards but their winning ways don’t stop there: Imagine Dragons is counted among several artists experiencing a post-awards show sales boost. Entertainment Weekly reports that Imagine Dragons’ hit song “Radioactive” got a 58 percent bump in sales after release of a remix […]

Life Goes From Jesse Pinkman To Jesse James For ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Aaron Paul

It’s life in the fast lane and pedal-to-the-metal for “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul, who stars in the video-game-made-movie Need For Speed, racing into theaters March 14. Paul, whose portrayal of Jesse Pinkman in AMC’s “Breaking Bad” earned him two Prime Time Emmys, is switching gears to the role of Tobey Marshall, a wrongfully-imprisoned street […]

Defense Confident In Amanda Knox Verdict As In Absentia Decision Looms

Amanda Knox anxiously awaits the verdict in her case in Italy, the third in a set of trials for her and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito regarding the 2007 murder of roommate Meredith Kercher. Knox defense lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova said in court Thursday that he is “serene” about the verdict because the only conclusion from […]

Unclear On Its Use, LeBron James Nevertheless Apologizes For Using R-Word

Miami Heat forward LeBron James apologized Wednesday evening for his poor choice of words in a pre-game presser before getting stormed by the Oklahoma City Thunder, 112-95. When asked about the passing abilities of opponent Kevin Durant, James used the word “retarded” in his answer. “That is retarded to me,” James said, via the Sun-Sentinel. […]

Glenn Beck Rails Against Obama, ‘America’s First Dictator,’ and Congressional ‘Lemmings’

“I believe that every American should write… that this was the State of the Union where our President declared he would become America’s first dictator,” conservative firebrand Glenn Beck said in response to President Barack Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address. While Glenn is not known for subtlety in his discourse, the outspoken Beck […]

Robert Pattinson’s Next Movie, ‘The Rover’ Will Be The End Of Humanity As We Know It [Trailer]

Whether or not the bond between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can survive as friends, it appears Robert himself will be able to survive the end of civilization, evident by his role as Reynolds in the upcoming film The Rover. A loner tracks the gang who stole his car from a desolate town in the […]

Disney’s First Same-Sex Couple Sparks Exactly The Outrage You’d Expect

Parents, beware: Mickey Mouse is totally trying to gay your kids up! That’s right, folks, Disney is “pushing an agenda,” and deviously promoting deviant gay lifestyles by showing adult couples of the same gender on their programming! At least, that’s the hyperbolic intolerant view of One Million Moms, the conservative advocacy group that wants to […]

Paris Lenon’s Odyssey From World Wrestling Football To The Big Game

Journeyman football player Paris Lenon, currently an inside linebacker for the Super Bowl-contending Denver Broncos, is the Johnny Cash of the National Football League and professional pigskin in general—he’s be everywhere, man. Originally signed by the Carolina Panthers in 2000, after going undrafted out of the University of Richmond Spiders football program, Lenon was cut […]

Japanese Scientists Have Stem Cell Breakthrough, Create With Blood Cells And Acid Treatment

Scientists in Japan report a breakthrough in stem cell research in this week’s edition of Nature, a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary science journal. Calling it “a unique cellular reprogramming phenomenon,” the study’s authors report on the stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP) without nuclear transfer that they observed when shocking mouse white blood cells with acid. More plainly […]

Delta Air Lines Kicks It Old School With Radical, Retro ’80s Safety Video

Not ready to give up that Devo hat? Need an airline that will keep your mullet safe? Need to sure your Gibson Flying V will fit in the overhead compartment? Then keep climbing with Delta Air Lines and have a laugh at this humorous but informative ’80s-themed safety video. Clearly looking for a way to […]

‘Good Morning America’ Signs Free Agent Tim Tebow To Fill Holes At Special Guest Host

In a surprising roster move, the “Good Morning America” front office has signed former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow to fill the show’s gaping hole at special guest host heading into Super Bowl weekend. Tebow, who’s first expected to see air time on Friday’s “Good Morning America” broadcast, put up decent numbers it his rookie debut […]