Climate Change Revives World War 2-Era Anthrax Outbreak In Siberia

A 12-year-old boy has died in Siberia, along with 2,300 reindeer, all because of a long-dormant strain of anthrax that was released by a sudden change in climate. The outbreak is one of the strangest, and maybe the scariest, reminders of the unknown consequences of climate change as the world plows ahead towards even hotter […]

Why Donald Trump Is Afraid Of A Rigged Election

Donald Trump recently gave a somber warning to Republicans, telling them that if they don’t watch carefully, the election could be rigged against them. The warning isn’t the first time Trump has alluded to an unfair process, in the primaries he also said the GOP was rigged although he ultimately won the nomination. But the […]

Donald Trump Fumbles On Crimea Issue, Will ‘Look Into’ Russian Claims

Donald Trump is taking heat again, this time over comments on Crimea. The GOP candidate said that he would look into recognizing Crimea as part of Russia, even hinting that he’s leaning towards accepting Russia’s claim to the territory. That would be a major shift in U.S. foreign policy, and Trump’s campaign officials are coming […]

Jeff Sessions Defends Donald Trump’s Soul Against Khazir Khan

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama came out with a strong defense of Donald Trump, responding to comments that the GOP candidate has a “black soul” from Khazir Khan, the Muslim father of a fallen U.S. soldier. More than that, Sessions even suggested that Trump’s allegedly softer stance on Putin is a good thing. Khan […]

Trump Chairman Paul Manafort Denies Softening GOP Platform For Russia

Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, is denying softening the Republican platform to accommodate Russia and Vladimir Putin. The GOP candidate has been under intense scrutiny for possible connections to Moscow. Manafort – who allegedly worked for Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s ousted President and Putin ally – is one of many potential liabilities in the Trump-Putin […]

Loreal Tsingine Shooting: Navajo Woman’s Death By Police Under Scrutiny By Feds

The Justice Department will investigate the police shooting of Loreal Tsingine, a Native American woman who was accused of shoplifting. Local law enforcement ruled that the shooting was justified, but tribal activists disagree, claiming that Tsingine’s death is another example of race-based police violence. The number of Native Americans shot by police has recently skyrocketed, […]

Bernie Sanders Calls Schultz Resignation ‘Right Decision,’ DNC Convention Unity In Peril

Bernie Sanders released a statement calling DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s decision resignation the “right decision.” Of course, it might be more of a job change, since she’s already accepted an “honorary” position with the Hillary Clinton campaign. That might cost the presidential candidate as progressives still struggle with their limited general election choices. Bernie […]

Sean Hannity Calls Jon Stewart ‘A Fool’ In Profanity-Laced On-Air Attack

Sean Hannity has answered back to Jon Stewart’s take-down of Donald Trump, Fox News, and others, calling the former Daily Show host a “fool” and an “idiot” on the air. Stewart fought against Fox News, often calling out hypocritical reporting, for many years from his Daily Show desk. A lot has changed since he left […]

Update: No THC In Colorado Town’s Drinking Water, Restrictions Lifted

After a two-day scare, official tests show there is no THC (the psycho-active chemical in marijuana) in the water supply of Hugo, a small farming town in Colorado. How did the paranoia start in the first place? That question hasn’t been completely answered, but for now, the people are safe. The sheriff’s office reported that […]

Over 6,000 Detained In Turkey’s Crackdown, Allies Worry About Post-Coup ‘Purge’

Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is leading a crackdown on his political opponents in the wake of a military coup that may have almost taken his life. As many as 6,000 face detention while the President reasserts his power and goes after a Muslim cleric and former ally. Meanwhile, NATO allies worry about the fragile […]

CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Out John Kerry, ISIS Not ‘On The Run’

CNN’s Jake Tapper recently pressed Secretary of State John Kerry after he said that ISIS was “on the run.” After a recent spat of ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks, the comments by the chief diplomat might seem difficult to believe, but Kerry insists that they’ve got the terrorist organization in a tight spot. According to Real Clear […]

Donald Trump’s Pursuit Of Illegal Foreign Campaign Donations ‘Unprecedented’

Donald Trump’s campaign is still soliciting for illegal foreign campaign donations from the U.K. and Australia, despite warnings from the FEC. Although much of U.S. campaign finance law is murky, taking money from foreign individuals, especially ones employed in foreign governments, is not. Many of the recipients are wondering how they even got on Trump’s […]

NRA Slammed For Racial Double Standard After Philando Castile’s Death

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has always been a fierce defender of gun rights, until now, according to some members. The shooting death of Philando Castile has started an internal fight within the organization, with many saying the NRA has a double standard for African American gun owners. According to Philando Castile’s girlfriend Diamond Reynolds, […]

Bernie Sanders Delegates Lose, Amendment Against TPP Trade Deal Fails

Bernie Sanders has gone from fighting for every last delegate in the primaries to fighting for every last sentence in the DNC platform. His attempts to get Democrats to reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal have failed, but he’s counting victories in campaign finance reform, the minimum wage, and even Wall Street reform. Sanders […]

Russia Expels Two U.S. Diplomats After Bizarre Embassy Assault

The Russian government has expelled two U.S. diplomats, according to a recent announcement. The expulsion comes just a few weeks after having their own diplomats kicked out of U.S. territory. What started as a bizarre assault in Moscow still seems to be escalating into a tit-for-tat diplomatic face-off. In the meantime, NATO is sending troops […]

California’s New Vaccine Law Takes Effect, Anti-Vaxxers Consider Moving

A strict new vaccine law, signed by California’s governor Jerry Brown last year, recently came into effect. The measure eliminates religious and other exemptions for school children. The state has been roiled in vaccine-related controversies, and the new measure promises to reignite debate on both sides. California is home to a strong anti-vaccine movement, it […]

Donald Trump’s Tweet Called Anti-Semitic, Too Offensive To Stay Online

Donald Trump’s Twitter account has always sent out controversial material, but it’s pretty rare for the presidential candidate to delete a post. He recently crossed the line with a tweet that some are calling anti-Semitic. According to CNN, Trump deleted the offending tweet on Saturday after receiving an avalanche of complaints. Naturally, few things on […]

Nobel Laureates Slam Greenpeace’s Fight Against GMO Rice With Letter

Over 100 Nobel laureates are taking on Greenpeace’s stance on GMO foods in a letter asking the environmental organization to stop opposing a potentially life-saving kind of GMO rice. Genetically engineered foods remain unpopular among Americans and others, and that could leave the new group’s campaign with an uphill battle. The group’s letter has a […]

Hillary Clinton’s News Alliance: ‘Don’t Say You Were Blackmailed’

Hillary Clinton’s emails have gotten in her way before the FBI investigation. In one message from 2009, an aide to the former secretary of State dictated terms to the political editor at the Atlantic. When Gawker revealed the exchange, the Atlantic admitted that the article went against their editorial standards, but still has done nothing […]

Brexit Fallout: Scotland Takes Steps To Leave The U.K.

The U.K. has voted to leave the EU, and in return, Scotland looks ready to leave the U.K. The Brexit will have many consequences, but Scottish independence might be the most extreme. According to NBC News, Scottish leaders started efforts for a new referendum to leave the U.K. shortly after the Brexit vote was confirmed, […]

What This Italian Pianist Did To Protect The Arctic Is Stunning [Video]

Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi cares a lot about climate change and Arctic protection, and his latest demonstration was stunning, even a little frightening. Einaudi is the mind behind famous film scores and the music featured in trailers, including The Intouchables and I’m Still Here, but his latest work was done with Greenpeace. To bring attention […]

Why Economists Say Donald Trump Will Cause A Recession

The next president will likely face a recession, but Donald Trump’s policies could be the direct cause of one according to a report organized by economist Mark Zandi. Hillary Clinton is using the paper as ammo against the GOP candidate, calling his ideas dangerous. Then again, Zandi is a contributor to Clinton’s campaign, and the […]

Kepler Mission: The Youngest Exoplanet Ever Discovered, K2-33b

Scientists have discovered the youngest exoplanet so far, Kepler K2-33b, which is just 5 to 10 million years old. That might seem like a while, but compared to Earth’s age of 4.5 billion years, give or take a few million, the new planet is just an infant. That’s important for scientists, who still struggle to […]

Democrats Accuse GOP Of Selling Guns To ISIS After Failed Senate Vote

Even after a 15-hour filibuster, Congress’ latest attempt at gun control failed a crucial vote in the Senate. There were four measures being debated, two by Republicans and two by Democrats, with the aim of keeping guns from possible terrorists and other potentially dangerous individuals. The failed effort shows that Congress’s gridlock still holds, even […]

Bernie Sanders Revolution Continues, Almost 7,000 Sign Up To Run For Office

Bernie Sanders asked his supporters to run for local office or volunteer to help in local campaigns, and they responded. The Sanders campaign reports that roughly 6,700 have expressed interest in running at the local level, another 4,000 or so say they want to volunteer. Some commentators expected Sanders to concede the race to Hillary […]

Court Rejects Lawsuit, Says Texas Cannot Block Syrian Refugees

Texas will not be allowed to block or hinder efforts to resettle Syrian refugees in its territory. Texas was the first state to try and block refugees after the Paris attacks, but it was far from the last. This latest development will likely have major consequences for the 31 other states that have opposed resettlement. […]

NASA’s Recruitment For Mars, Do You Have What It Takes?

NASA released a series of mock posters, planning their eventual recruitment for colonizing Mars. The World War 2-style images are part of NASA’s public-outreach campaign to reinvigorate people’s enthusiasm for space travel. Unfortunately for some hopefuls, the window for actual astronaut recruiting ended in February. NASA’s new Mars recruitment starts off with a promising message. […]

Why Sanders Should Not Be Clinton’s Vice President

Hillary Clinton is not vetting Bernie Sanders to be her vice presidential candidate according to recent news reports. That’s a good thing, even for Sanders. Nevertheless, for Clinton, the VP pick will be important this election considering her low favorability ratings among voters. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Clinton camp is just starting […]

Political Attacks Flare In Wake Of Orlando Shooting

The Orlando shooting is difficult not to politicize, and voices on both sides of the aisle have started their attacks. The shooting sits in the cross-hairs of gun-control, terrorism, LGBT rights, surveillance, and religious tolerance. Even basic semantics has become an issue in the day after the tragedy occurred. It’s not clear what laws or […]

Diamond Miners Find Gold In 500-Year-Old Shipwreck

Miners uncovered a 500-year-old Portuguese shipwreck complete with a treasure chest, in what’s being called “one of the most significant shipwrecks ever found.” The workers initially found the wreckage in 2008, but researchers only recently determined the true value of the find. The shipwreck is the Bom Jesus, which sailed from from Lisbon in 1533 […]

The Passenger Drone Taxi Is Coming, Testing Approved In Nevada

Taxi drivers, even Uber drivers, might become obsolete in Nevada. The state is giving the green-light for testing an autonomous drone taxi that can move passengers with just a few buttons to indicate direction. The flying taxi from China might sound like something from science fiction, but the first trial tests will take place later […]

Hobbit Fossils Found: Debate Rages Over 3-Foot Island Dwellers

Hobbits did walk on the Earth, but they are not what people expect. Scientists have completed studies on fossils found in 2014, and there’s already a debate growing about the 3-foot tall relatives to modern humans. The hobbits, also known as Homo Floresiensis, were about three feet, six inches tall. They had large teeth, no […]

U.S. To Approve First Private-Sector Moon Mission

The U.S. government will soon grant a private-sector start-up permission to conduct their own moon mission. The announcement follows news that Congress wants NASA to concentrate on the moon again, diverting focus from their plans to land on an asteroid. In the end, people might just be tired of waiting so long for exciting space […]

Elizabeth Warren – The Superdelegate Who Doesn’t Believe In Superdelegates

Elizabeth Warren is a superdelegate who does not believe in superdelegates. She said that the party insiders should not be allowed to overrule the popular opinion of voters, which is the only purpose they potentially serve. Bernie Sanders said the same thing early in the race, but now his last hope of getting the Democratic […]

Bernie Sanders Rips Clinton Foundation For Taking Dictator Money

Bernie Sanders is going after the Clinton Foundation, saying that it created a problematic conflict of interest for the former Secretary of State. He also questioned Hillary Clinton’s decision to vote for the Iraq war and willingness to help topple Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi. The comments come just two days before the next big primary […]

‘Good Chance’ For Bernie Sanders Upset In California

Hillary Clinton still has a lead against Bernie Sanders in California, but the Golden State has all the right conditions for another upset. A loss next Tuesday would hinder Clinton’s efforts to unify the party and add more potential ruckus to the Democratic National Convention in July. Vince Vasquez, a senior policy analyst at the […]

Amazing $250 Million Trophy Apartment Listed In New York City

New York real estate is about to smash another record with a “trophy apartment” that could be listed for as much as $250 million. The apartment is being built in what’s now called Billionaire’s Row, where some of the world’s most expensive residences are located. Still, the new place forces the question, who can afford […]

Marco Rubio Apologized To Trump For ‘Small Hands’ Joke

Marco Rubio once ripped Donald Trump saying, “you know what they say about men with small hands… you can’t trust ’em.” Now that his presidential bid is over, he’s walking back that comment, saying he’s already apologized to Trump and that his behavior embarrassed his family. In the meantime, Trump is asking Rubio to get […]

Trump On Obama’s Historic Hiroshima Visit: ‘Who Cares’

President Barack Obama made history by becoming the first sitting president to visit the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan. Donald Trump’s response – who cares? At a campaign rally, the GOP candidate says it’s fine as long as the president doesn’t apologize. According to Reuters, Trump dismissed the historic visit after chastising the current […]

San Francisco Police Chief Gregory Suhr Resigns After Police Shooting Of Unarmed Woman

San Francisco police chief Greg Suhr has resigned following a police shooting of an unarmed, 27-year-old black woman. The mayor officially requested the resignation as the department attempts to regain the city’s trust and reform its department. San Francisco has seen three controversial shooting deaths from police in the past six months. According to The […]

Bernie Sanders To Demand DNC To Adopt ‘Even-Handed’ Israel Policy

Hillary Clinton will have a difficult time beating Trump without Bernie Sanders (if she is the nominee), but the Feel the Bern movement has some tough demands first — like taking a more “even-handed” approach towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The DNC is making material concessions to the Vermont senator, but that almost certainly won’t be […]

When Hillary Clinton Attacks Trump, Progressives Lose

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has put its focus on the general election and Donald Trump. The real estate mogul has made himself an easy target, and deserves being verbally ripped apart for his comments. But progressives deserve to be heard too, and they risk giving up what they fought for this year out of fear. How […]

Donald Trump Strikes Back After NYT Piece: ‘Media Is TOTALLY Dishonest!’

Donald Trump went on a Twitter rampage recently, responding to a New York Times piece accusing him of mistreating women. The real estate mogul’s reaction went as expected, but this time he has the GOP establishment at his back as well. Even RNC Chair Reince Priebus came out to say “people just don’t care” about […]

Police Confiscate 2,486 Packages Of Marijuana Stuffed Inside Coconuts

Border officials have found 1,400 pounds of marijuana stuffed inside coconuts, continuing a trend in tropical fruit-based large-scale drug smuggling (although coconuts can also be considered a seed). Meanwhile in the U.S., laws continue to become more lenient towards recreational marijuana, forcing cartels into harder drugs. ABC News reports that officers discovered the marijuana in […]

Obama’s Deportation Raids On Women, Children Cause Outrage

President Obama is planning a 30-day period of increased deportation raids targeting women and children who entered the country illegally. Progressives are crying foul, saying the administration is putting innocent people in dangerous situations, but officials say they must enforce the law. The sweep will likely be the largest since January, when the administration sent […]

Allowing Female Deacons? Pope Francis Says He’ll Study It

Pope Francis agreed to a proposal to create an official study commission that might, one day, lead to women being able to serve as deacons in the Roman Catholic Church, but not as priests. That might not sound like a bold action, but the pope is potentially playing with fire. An expert said allowing female […]

Famous Volcano Startles New Zealand With 20 Degree Temperature Spike

The New Zealand volcano featured as Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, Mount Ruapehu, is coming to life. Officials are now telling hikers to keep at least two kilometers away, and its temperature is surging. According to CNN, GNS Science, a New Zealand state-owned company focusing on geology and nuclear science, […]

Bernie Sanders Campaign: Democrats ‘Courting Disaster’ With Clinton Nomination

The Bernie Sanders campaign says there will be a contested convention come July, and the Democratic party will be “rolling the dice and courting disaster” if they nominate Clinton for the general election. They say Sanders is the surest bet against Trump’s political momentum, and the polls agree. The campaign insists it’s continuing until the […]

Jon Stewart Rips ‘Crack Dealer’ News Media For Rise Of Donald Trump

Jon Stewart took on the news media in an interview with David Axelrod distributed by CNN, blaming them for setting up Donald Trump’s shocking rise to the GOP nomination. The former Daily Show host’s commentary has been missing from this year’s presidential race, having left the show in August last year. He’s still ripping the […]

15-Year-Old Discovers Lost Mayan City, Maybe

Canada’s William Gadoury, a 15-year-old private school student, got a chance to test his hypothesis about the Mayan civilization and found a lost city in the process. The story seems extraordinary, and experts are coming forward to pop the news-created bubble. Still, it highlights a fairly successful use of technology and the brilliant efforts of […]