President Obama Commutes Life Sentence Of Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas’ Grandmother, Almost A Year After Freeing Thomas’ Mom

The 2015-2016 football season was a happy one for Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, for a lot of reasons. Not only did the Broncos win Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers, but Thomas’ mother, Katrina Smith, was finally able to watch her son play football for the first time after President Obama commuted […]

Phoenix Serial Killer Strikes Again: Man And 4-Year-Old Boy Survive Encounter With ‘Serial Street Shooter’

Police are redoubling their efforts in the search for a Phoenix, Arizona serial killer — dubbed the “Phoenix Serial Street Shooter” — after another shooting that occurred on July 11, brought the number of incidents linked to the serial shooter up to nine since March. Phoenix police officers had begun to hope that the serial […]

Mysterious Purple Sea Orb Discovered Off The Coast Of California Baffles Scientists [VIDEO]

A group of scientists using the Exploration Vessel Nautilus, operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust, to explore the Channel Islands — an isolated archipelago just 60 miles from Los Angeles, California — had a bit of a surprise earlier this month when the underwater camera attached to E/V Nautilus captured a mysterious purple sea orb […]

Want To Get Paid To Drink Beer? The Smithsonian Is Hiring A Beer Historian For $64,000 A Year Plus Benefits!

Do you fancy yourself a bit of a beer expert? Does the idea of getting paid $64,00 per year (plus benefits) to travel the country and drink craft beer appeal to you? If so, then the Smithsonian Museum has the perfect job for you. They are currently looking to hire a beer historian as part […]

John Hinckley Jr., The Man Who Attempted To Assassinate Ronald Reagan, Will Be Released From Custody

John Hinckley Jr., the man who attempted to assassinate former President Ronald Reagan in an effort to impress actress Jodie Foster, is set to be released after spending 35 years at St. Elizabeth’s hospital, a government-run psychiatric institution, where he has been in custody since the 1981 shooting. John Hinckley Jr.’s attempt to assassinate Ronald […]

The Mystery Of Ceres’ Missing Craters: What Caused The Dwarf Planet’s Impact Craters To Mysteriously Disappeared?

There is a mystery afoot surrounding the craters, or lack thereof, on Ceres, our nearest dwarf planet that resides within the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in our solar system. According to recent data collected by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, that has been orbiting Ceres since March of 2015, the dwarf planet […]

More Stores Offering Gender-Neutral Kids Clothes For Back-To-School Season After Multiple Parent Requests

After months of outcry from parents who no longer wish to set gender-specific standards for their children, many stores across North America have heard their patrons’ pleas and have begun offering gender-neutral kids clothes just in time for the back-to-school season. For decades, the standards for kids clothes have been set in stone with pink […]

The Rolling Stones Have A Message For Donald Trump: You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Including Our Songs!

For the second time in three months, the Rolling Stones have taken to Twitter to tell the world that they do not endorse Donald Trump and that the Republican presidential nominee has once again used one of their songs without their consent. On Thursday, Donald Trump closed out his lengthy 76-minute acceptance speech at the […]

Munich Shopping Center Shooting: ‘Bullied’ Teen Gunman Shoots And Kills Nine People, Injures 27 Others Before Killing Himself

As new details emerge about the Munich shopping center shooting, a picture is being pieced together about the teen gunman who shot and killed nine people and injured at least 27 more before turning the gun on himself at Olympia shopping center early Friday evening. The gunman, who has been identified as German-born 18-year-old Ali […]

Hundreds Honor Jerika Bolen, Terminally Ill Wisconsin Teen That Has Chosen To End Her Life, At Prom In Her Honor

More than 1,000 people turned up on Friday night at the Grand Meridian ballroom in Appleton, Wisconsin, to say goodbye to 14-year-old Jerika Bolen, who has chosen to enter end-of-life hospice care at the end of the summer. Jerika Bolen was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2 at just 8-months-old. SMA is a fatal […]

Extreme Skier Matilda Rapaport Dies In Avalanche While Filming Ubisoft Video Game ‘Steep’ In Chile

Thirty-year-old extreme skier Matilda Rapaport died in a hospital on Monday after an avalanche accident in the Andes Mountains in Chile, where she was filming parts for a Ubisoft video game called Steep. Matilda Rapaport, the Swedish champion skier, left Sweden last week and headed to Chile to get some filming done for Ubisoft’s forthcoming […]

Colorado Deputy Fires ‘One In A Billion Shot’ Straight Into The Barrel Of Would-Be Armed Robber’s Gun

In a case that can either be considered extraordinary marksmanship, or extreme luck, a Colorado deputy saved his own life from would-be armed robbers in January, when a “one-in-a-billion” shot he fired travelled straight into the robber’s gun, through the barrel, and came to rest against the bullet in the chamber, rendering the gun inoperable. […]

Disney Firefighters Warned To Stop Feeding Gators Half-Mile From Where Lane Graves Was Killed, Two Months Before Toddler’s Death

Just two months before 2-year-old Lane Graves was snatched from a foot of water by an alligator and drowned at Disney World’s Grand Floridian resort, onsite firefighters were warned to stop feeding gators that wandered around Fire Station 3. The Station is located just a half-mile from Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon, the area where the […]

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition Release Announcement Triggers Bouts Of Nostalgia For Retro Gamers

Nostalgia is the name of the game for Generation Xers and early Gen Yers, and Nintendo, the company that can arguably be considered the godfathers of modern gaming, have decided to cash in it. In a Facebook post this morning, Nintendo announced that this Christmas shopping season, they are releasing the NES Classic Edition, a […]

Yale Employee Smashes Racist Window On Campus, University Decides Not To Press Charges

An African-American man who has been employed at Yale University for nearly a decade lost his job after losing his cool and smashing a stained-glass window in the dining hall where he worked. The man claims the window, which featured slaves picking cotton, was racist. Corey Menafee, who has worked at a dishwasher in Yale’s […]

Dallas Shooter Micah Johnson Wrote Messages In Blood On Wall Of Hideout, Had Larger Plans Police Say

Micah Xavier Johnson, the Dallas shooter that killed five police officers, and wounded seven more, as well as two civilians during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest last Thursday, was delusional, scrawled messages in his own blood on the walls of the parking garage where he was hiding out, and had plans for something much […]

The Names Of All Five Officers Killed In Dallas Ambush Have Finally Been Released — Who Were They?

Late Thursday, five Dallas police officers were shot and killed during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest, when Micah Xavier Johnson opened fire. Another seven officers were injured. Officials have just released the names of the five officers killed during the Dallas sniper attack, and those who lost their lives include fathers of both young […]

Ex-Boxer, Black Bear Go Toe-To-Toe: Canadian Man Walks Away With Scratches, Leaves Angry Mama Bear With Bloody Nose

In a harrowing tale of survival, 61-year-old Canadian ex-boxer Rick Nelson recounts the story of how the fight-or-flight instinct, mixed in with some boxing expertise, saved his life when he found himself face-to-face with an angry black bear trying to protect her cub. While walking his dog along a forest trail in Sudbury, Ontario, on […]

Ivanka Trump For Vice President? Trump Campaign Pushes The Idea Of Father-Daughter Ticket

As Senator Bob Corker became the latest in a list of people removing themselves from becoming potential vice presidents to a Donald Trump presidency, he told CNN that he had a suggestion for the perfect VP for Trump: Donald’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. Following his removal as Trump’s potential running mate on Wednesday, Senator Corker sat […]

Johnny Manziel Vows To Get Sober And Focus On Football, But Only After He’s Done Partying In Mexico

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, also known as Johnny Football, has found himself in the news quite often recently. Whether it be due to his drug use, domestic violence charges, causing $32,000 in damages to an L.A. house, or being called a “druggie” by his own father, Manziel always seems to be on the […]

Ten Women Have Been On The FBI’s ‘Ten Most Wanted’ List Since It Began In 1950 — Who Are They?

The FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” list began on March 14, 1950, after a reporter asked FBI officials for the names and descriptions of the “toughest guys” the Bureau wanted to apprehend. According to the FBI website, “the resulting story generated so much publicity and had so much appeal that late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover […]

Istanbul Airport Reopens Following Terror Attack That Left At Least 41 Dead, Over 200 Injured

Following what is believed to be the deadliest terror attack ever at an airport, that claimed the lives of at least 41 people, and wounded over 200 more, Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul has reopened, and operations are slowly returning to normal. As Turkish officials continue to investigate the terror attack by viewing security camera […]

Long Beach K-9 Officer, 4-Year-Old Credo, Killed In The Line Of Duty During Police Shootout

A Long Beach K-9 police officer was killed in the line of duty today after a shootout happened between officers, SWAT team members, and an armed suspect who officers were attempting to apprehend in connection with an assault with a deadly weapon case. Long Beach police, along with a K-9 officer — identified as 4-year-old […]

Zurlon Tipton, Former Indianapolis Colts Running Back, Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself [UPDATE]

Former Indianapolis Colts running back Zurlon Tipton died Tuesday afternoon after a gun he was carrying accidentally discharged, according to Roseville, Michigan, police officers. Police officials say that a man had reportedly pulled into a service bay at a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership in Roseville, Michigan, around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. The man, later […]

Man Accused of Tormenting Amanda Todd, Leading To Her Suicide, To Be Extradited To Canada To Face Charges

The Dutch man that has been accused of tormenting and cyber-bullying British Columbia teen Amanda Todd, ultimately causing her to take her own life, can be extradited to Canada to face multiple charges, a Dutch court has ruled. In October of 2012, 15-year-old Amanda Todd took her own life after years of alleged online torment […]

Indiana University Student Who Was Charged With Two Rapes, Spends Only One Day In Jail, Gets One Year Probation

In a case reminiscent of the Brock Turner rape case that received national attention due to the lenient sentence given to the 20-year-old Stanford student, another rich, white male has been given a slap on the wrist following being charged with two counts of rape. This time, the alleged rapist was an Indiana University student, […]

Teen Whose Eye Was Impaled By Javelin In ‘Freak Accident’ At Track Competition Listed In Fair Condition

A teen who was impaled by his own javelin after a “freak accident” at a USA Track & Field meet at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon, on Friday, has been listed in fair condition according to his parents. Despite having been impaled through the eye socket, he has retained some sight in the injured […]

Three Catalina Island Boaters Dead, Four In Hospital After Boat Sailing Near Salta Verde Point Capsizes

The bodies of three boaters have been recovered and identified by Los Angeles County Coroner’s officials on Sunday, after a small boat they were in capsized just off of Catalina Island, California on Saturday. Four other boaters believed to have also been in the 22-foot skiff were recovering in hospital. The U.S. Coast Guard Los […]

Aziz Ansari Pens Blistering Op-Ed Criticizing Donald Trump — Presidential Candidate ‘Makes Me Afraid For My Family’

Following the tragedy at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, presidential candidate Donald Trump posted a series of tweets which began with the words “appreciate the congrats,” a nod to those congratulating him on “being right on radical Islamic terrorism.” In response, comedian Aziz Ansari has penned a scathing op-ed in the New York Times, wherein he […]

Disney World Beach Reopens Following Toddler’s Death, New Signs In Place Warn Visitors Of Alligators

Walt Disney World has reopened its beaches, following the June 14 alligator attack on 2-year-old Lane Graves that ultimately led to the toddler’s death. Sources inside Disney World have confirmed that signs warning visitors of alligators are now firmly in place around all of Disney’s beaches, lakes, and lagoons, and state officials have announced that […]

Roanoke Colony Archaeologists Find Pieces Of Pottery That May Provide Clues To The ‘Lost Colony’

Archaeologists digging at the site of the lost Roanoke colony in North Carolina have found shards of pottery, possibly from a medicine jar, that they believe are linked to the English settlers who disappeared from the mysterious colony more than four centuries ago. The pottery fragments, no larger than a quarter, are the most significant […]

Teen Trapped In Giant ‘Barney’ Head Needs Assistance From Local Firefighters After Prank Goes Wrong

A teen girl in Trussville, Alabama, needed the assistance of local firefighters to help her escape the giant Barney head she had become trapped in, after an attempt to prank her friends at a church sleepover went horribly, and hilariously, wrong. When 15-year-old Darby Risner attended a slumber party at her church on Sunday night, […]

Declassified CIA Torture Documents Reveal Grisly Details Of Illegal Torture Practices At CIA ‘Black Sites’

A series of 50 CIA torture documents were declassified earlier this week that reveals the intense torture subjected to prisoners of war in the aftermath of 9/11, along with guidelines for best torture practices submitted by medical personnel. The documents are graphic and repulsive and prove that despite the barring of certain torture practices by […]

Prince William Appears On Cover Of Leading U.K. Gay Magazine ‘Attitude,’ Makes History As First Royal To Do So

Just days before the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history at gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida, Prince William made history as the first British royal to ever appear on the cover of a gay magazine. The prince posed for the cover of Attitude while sitting down with a group of LGBT youth to speak […]

Margaret Vinci Heldt, Creator Of Iconic Beehive Hairdo, Dies At 98

Margaret Vinci Heldt, a famed Chicago beautician, celebrity hairstylist, National Coiffure champion, and the creator of the iconic beehive hairdo, has died. She was 98-years-old. Though Heldt was known for a lot of things, especially in the beauty world, she was most well know as the creator of the beehive — a hairdo that has […]

Juror In Brock Turner Rape Case Says He Is ‘Shocked’ At Rapist’s ‘Ridiculously Lenient’ Sentence In Letter To Judge Persky

An anonymous juror involved in the Brock Turner rape case — one of 12 to convict Turner on all three counts of sexual assault — has spoken out recently, saying he was “shocked and appalled” at Judge Persky’s lenient sentence in a letter sent to the Judge. The juror, who has chosen to remain anonymous […]

Kepler-1647b: New ‘Tatooine’ Planet Found — It Orbits Two Suns, Is The Size Of Jupiter, And Could Have Moons Suitable For Alien Life

A team of astronomers from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland and San Diego State University have found a new exoplanet, dubbed Kepler-1647b, roughly 3,700 light years away that is the largest circumbinary — or “Tatooine” planet — ever discovered. A circumbinary planet is a planet that orbits two stars, much like Luke […]

‘The Shield’ Actor Michael Jace Sentenced To 40 Years-To-Life In 2014 Murder Of His Wife, April

Actor Michael Jace, best known for his role as police officer Julien Lowe on the television series The Shield, has been sentenced on Friday to 40 years-to-life in prison for the 2014 shooting death of his wife, April Jace. April Jace was shot three times on May 19, 2014, in the Hyde Park home she […]

Dating Site Specifically For Donald Trump Supporters Promises To ‘Make Dating Great Again’

Are you a Donald Trump supporter whose dating life has gone to the dogs? Do you have a hard time finding other Trump fans to talk with about building walls and rounding up illegals? If so, then David Goss has the site for you. Head on over to, a dating site specifically to help […]

Three Toronto Men Arrested For Human Trafficking After 15-Year-old Victim Manages To Contact Police

Three Toronto-area men have been arrested on human trafficking charges after allegedly forcing a 15-year-old British Columbia girl to have sex with men for money over a period of three weeks. Three men, Ahmadu Ahmed and Maher Saleh, both 20 years old, and 19-year-old Jerome Laing, all from Toronto, were arrested last week on human […]

A Dying ‘Harry Potter’ Fan’s Final Gift To The Sick Kids At Bristol Children’s Hospital Will Bring A Little Magic To Your Day

Eighteen months ago, a mysterious Harry Potter-themed plaque showed up at the base of a sculpture outside the Bristol Children’s Hospital in Bristol, England. No one, including hospital staff, knew who had put the Potter plaque there, and people have been puzzled by its sudden appearance for nearly two years. It has finally been revealed […]

Davontae Sanford, Wrongfully Convicted Of Quadruple Homicide At 14-Years-Old, Walks Free After Spending Nine Years In Prison

Davontae Sanford, who falsely confessed, and was wrongfully convicted, in the shooting deaths of four people in 2007 when he was 14-years-old — despite a full confession from another man — walked out of prison a free man on Wednesday. For nearly eight years, lawyers and advocates have been fighting to get Davontae exonerated and […]

Off-Duty Soldiers Dining At McDonald’s In France Stop Armed Robbery By Two Men

When two armed robbers walked into a McDonald’s in Besancon, France, and fired a warning shot into the ceiling, what they expected was to get away with some fast cash. What they didn’t expect, however, was that among the 40 diners inside the restaurant were 11 off-duty elite special forces soldiers who happened to specialize, […]

Ex-NASA Astronaut Charged With Murder Of Two Young Girls Following Car Crash — Alcohol A Factor, Say Police

A retired NASA astronaut, who served on five shuttle missions between 1994 and 2000, has been charged with murder following an alcohol-induced car crash that killed two young girls. The highly-decorated astronaut, James Donald Halsell Jr., was arrested on Monday night and charged with the murder of two young girls, Naiomi Deona James and Jayla […]

Papua New Guinea Police Officers Open Fire On Student Protest, Four Reportedly Killed [UPDATE]

Police officers in Papua New Guinea have reportedly opened fire on University of Papua New Guinea students who were marching on parliament in protest against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. Unrest in Papua New Guinea hit a boiling point on Wednesday when at least 1,000 students from the University of Papua New Guinea took to parliament […]

Axl Rose Is Demanding That Google Take Down ‘Fat Axl’ Memes, Sends DMCA To Tech Giant

Adding to the long list of celebrities attempting to cleanse the internet of unflattering pictures of themselves is Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose. Way back in 2010, a picture of Axl Rose was taken that shows him a little heavier than the svelte Rose we were used to in his heyday. After the series […]

Fox Issues Apology For ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Ads Featuring Apocalypse Strangling Mystique — But They Shouldn’t Have

After outrage from the teeming masses of the internet, 20th Century Fox has issued an apology over a series of X-Men: Apocalypse ads that featured so-called violence against women. The billboard ads, which showed up in big cities like Los Angeles and New York, featured the titular villain, Apocalypse — played by Oscar Isaac — […]

Alberta Mother Arrested For Child Porn After Sexually Abusing 4-Year-Old Son And Sending Pictures To Idaho Man

A Red Deer, Alberta, mother was arrested recently on child pornography charges, after Idaho police officers contacted Alberta police to report they had reason to believe a young Alberta child was being sexually abused by his own mother. The 43-year-old mother, who worked at a local day care, was arrested at work this week. Her […]

Pope Francis Promises Removal Of Bishops Who Cover Up Child Sex Abuse Cases Within The Church

On Saturday, Pope Francis issued a decree strengthening laws that will allow for the removal of bishops that are found to be covering up sex abuse cases involving children or vulnerable adults within the church. Under pressure from families of victims lobbying for Pope Francis to protect the victims and punish the abusers, and facing […]

‘Lost City’ Explained: Greek Underwater Formation Is A Natural Phenomenon, Not Atlantis

Three years ago, divers exploring the waters near the Greek island of Zakynthos found an underwater formation that they initially believed to be part of a lost city. The cobblestone-like appearance of a paved road, and doughnut-shaped circular structures that could have been parts of a colonnade, brought up ideas of an ancient lost city […]