Dining Dog

Never saw a cat do anything like that. Dogs rule!

Les Miserables: Can’t Stop Crying

“We have been to funerals … of family members … and cried less”

Goofy Dance For 2013

Goofy guy does goofy dance and makes goofy faces: Could you ask for more?

White Boy Does Punjabi [Video]

Isn’t it nice to see young people taking an interest in foreign cultures?

Quad Amputee Taylor Morris Drifting Car [Video]

Taylor Morris, Navy EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) from Cedar Falls, Iowa. Taylor was injured in Afghanistan on May 3, 2012.

Drunk Guy Dares To Drive [Video]

To the Batmobile, Robin!

Diego And Whitney [Video]

Nothing so touching as a dog and his boy.

E Bay Boo Boo [Video]

Hey, let’s tell the kid he bought a 50 thousand dollar car, WE CAN POST IT!”

Christmas Party Knockout [Video]

Why take your face all the way to the punch when you can just take a punch to the face instead?

Kanye West Announces Kim Pregnant On Stage [Video]

I’m sure many of you will want to save this video to show your grandchildren when you are telling them about these historic times. Details here.

Big Boy Breaks Bed At Store [Video]

“Hey, let’s go hang out at the furniture store!” “Yeah! We can try out the beds!”

Snow Tubers Falling Through Thin Ice [Video]

Wrightwood, California. Sledders fell through the ice one at time. All emerged safely.

Man Feeds Bugs To Child [Video]

“Hey, lets teach our child to eat bugs so we can post it on youtube!”

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Dances Like A Boss [Video]

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Dash Cam of Jet Crash On Highway Near Vnukovo Airport [Video]

A TU-204 jet, after a failed landing at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow, crashes on the highway.

Lets Go, I Won The Lottery [Video]

“Joey, who’re you texting?” “I’m TWEETIN’ this shit!”

Catwheel in Slow Motion [Video]

“Good Lord – I’ve heard about this – cat juggling! Stop! Stop! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Good. Father, could there be a God that would let this happen?” – Steve Martin (Navin R. Johnson) in The Jerk, 1979. Via Vimeo.

Shark Tank Bursts In Oriental Shopping Center [Video]

The aftermath: 15 injured shoppers and 3 dead sharks.

Gorilla Kijivu And Her Five-Day-Old Baby [Video]

So far, no tweets from the new mother. She is probably too busy picking parasites off her new little bundle of joy.

Tornado Mobile Alabama Wallgreens Surveillance [Video]

Nothing funny about this…….. unless….. you add your own sound track… I would have to suggest Wagner.

Mary Poppins Australia Performs Proud Mary [Video]

Ah, the theater! The music! The pageantry! The excitement! The fully grown adults prancing about like demented, attention-starved children!

The Joy Of Baking [Video]

“If she still uses an easy bake oven, she’s too young for you, bro.” – Urban Adage

Dancing In The Street [Video]

Is this the next big thing or just an undercover traffic cop?

Two Fools With Wrapping Paper [Video]

Some people just have too much time on their hands.

Non-Newtonian Fluid Dubstep [Video]

Apparently “non-Newtonian fluid” is geek speak for green goop.

Merry Christmas, We’re Pregnant [video]

Too bad nobody had the hiccups.

Gangnam Style Baby [Video]

Finally, a mildly amusing video that you can share with your parents.

Sand Surfing In Saudi Arabia [Video]

Saudi Arabia: The go to place for sand in your eyes.

Troopers Arrest Santa Claus For Chalking [Video]

Don’t worry kids: That’s not the “real” Santa. The “real” Santa was arrested earlier in the day on a DUI.

GVSU Commencement 2012 “Frickin-awesome” [ Video]

Wait, so are you saying “Sunday Kristen Storm My-Tusik” is legit?

Merry Christmas From Norway [Video]

Nobody can tell me Norwegians don’t know how to have a good time.

‘Great Tiny Island’ Time Lapse Malta [Video]

Proving once again, if you speed up even the most boring video and add little music, it can be construed as “creative.”

The Only Thing I Want For Christmas SANTA Is GANJA!! [Video]

Is nothing sacred?

If Santa Was A Hipster [Video]

What if Santa were a biker?