Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi To Record Again With Singer Tony Martin

Black Sabbath, the most legendary heavy metal band in music history (and one of the original two heavy metal bands along with Deep Purple, both releasing their first headbanging music in early 1970), are on their final tour, which has straightforwardly been named “The End.” But it’s not the end for Sabbath guitar player Tony […]

Wall Street’s Web Of Big Money Catches The Flies

Wall Street is the villain in just about every politician’s narratives. Wall Street must be reigned in, they say. Wall Street is a den of slimy corruption and “greed,” goes the political mantra. Just look at the storyline and the popularity of Showtime’s Billions, in which an ambitious U.S. Attorney relentlessly tries to bring down […]

In Space And Back On Earth, Astronaut Scott Kelly Gets Transformed

In space, on a space station, gravity is a fraction of the Earth’s. In space, radiation exposure is potentially hundreds of times greater than it is while you’re underneath the protection of the planet’s atmosphere. One astronaut named Scott Kelly, after nearly one full year in space, came back to Earth two inches taller than […]

France Warns Of Brexit Disaster, Others Do The Same

France warns of Brexit costs and “consequences” to the British, with the Germans echoing the warning. The SHS Group of Northern Ireland, an employer of more than 750 people, warns of Brexit impacts on disrupting its “compliance” and its “governance.” Top credit rating agency Moody’s warns of a Brexit causing a downgrading of the United […]

St. Patrick’s Day 2016 In Hoboken, NJ: Still Crazy After All These Years

St. Patrick’s Day in Hoboken, NJ, comes early. Known (formerly) as “Lepre-con Day” to locals, it gets wild and crazy. Sometimes to unhealthy extremes. Of course, St. Patrick’s Day can be a wild ride for all involved in most places. That wild ride in the name of the wearin’ o’ the green and drinking like […]

Bad Stock Market News May Be Good for You

Bad stock market news may make your knees tremble and your hands shake. It gives the talking heads and pundits something to do, but smart investors know how to see great opportunities hidden within the bad news. For instance, when the typical investor sees his stock market portfolio losing money, his take is that it’s […]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Feminist Criticisms Irrelevant, Say Female Stars In The Show

Game of Thrones is one of HBO’s most successful shows of the last few years, but it’s also one of the most controversial shows on television. The show gets attacked by critics for being “pornographic,” as well as wantonly or gratuitously violent. Even big fans of the show worry that author George R.R. Martin, the […]