Justin Bieber Pulls It Together For Puerto Rico Show After ‘Not Feeling Too Good’ [Video]

Justin Bieber may set EDM DJ’s teeth on edge, delight bashful damsels in a certain kind of Texan establishment, and cause olds to tut over his oft-shirtlessness and underwear exposing habit, but Puerto Rico couldn’t get enough of the 19-year-old at his Believe tour concert this weekend.

Despite later admitting he had been lagging energy-wise beforehand, the singer rallied enough to perform, fly his host country’s flag, and charm the heck out of a native girl onstage.

After the show Justin tweeted, “Started the night not feeling to good. But you all raised my energy, Thank you. Te amo Puerto Rico!! Te amo! DR is next.”

And from pictures of the concert, it certainly looks as if Bieber pulled on his reserves to show fans at the Coliseo De Puerto Rico Arena in San Juan a great time.

The superstar reportedly romped through a set that included hits such as “Somebody To Love,” “One Time,” “Baby,” and fan favorite, “One Less Lonely Girl.”

Justin Bieber Serenades Fans At Puerto Rico Show

It’s long been a tradition at the teen star’s performances for a local girl to the country or place he is playing in to be brought onstage and serenaded during “OLLG” as it’s usually referred to.

Puerto rico was no exception. Pictures of a bespectacled, young girl beaming with pleasure as the singer crowned her with a garland of flowers and ribbons speak for themselves.

Like so many times before, Justin got up close with the chosen, female fan.

On this occasion, the pop prince held the enraptured girl’s neck with one hand as he sang to her. Switching positions, Justin then held the girl’s hips as he crooned away behind her.

In the encore, the heartthrob waved the Puerto Rico flag while delivering a shirtless, black leather drop-crotch pants wearing rendition of his signature 2010 hit “Baby” and “Boyfriend.”

Needless to say video footage shows the predominantly young, female, screaming crowd eating it up.

The Believe tour moves on next to the Dominican Republic for a Tuesday show, at which Justin will be joined by his mother Pattie Mallette.

[Image via The Mirror]