'Batman Vs. Superman': Zack Snyder Directs First Footage During Football Game [Video]

Patricia Didelot

Batman Vs. Superman, the sequel to Man Of Steel, had Zack Snyder directing the first scenes during a College football game in California.

The director was setting up the match between the fictional Gotham City University and Metropolis State University at East Los Angeles College's Weingart Stadium.

The website Batman News shared all the details of how the filming of the much anticipated sequel went on Friday.

A Warner Bros. representative, who served as MC, told the crowd they were going to be in a movie, which she called Batman Vs. Superman, which tells us Snyder hasn't chosen a title yet.

Zack Snyder was present on the sidelines directing the scenes and calling the cuts with a mega phone.

During the shoot, two plays were filmed, both started at Gotham City's 30 yard line, according to the report from Batman News.

The first play went to Gotham City after a tackle against Metropolis. The second scene in the Batman vs. Superman filming came in the form of a touch down for Metropolis.

The crowd, who served as extras for the scene, were attending a real football game between East L.A. and Victory Valley College.

Batman vs. Superman poster

A few interesting notes shared by Batman News:

- Warner Bros. had said filming would take place during halftime, but the crowd was told to stick around after the game as additional scenes could be shot, however, there were no extra scenes.

- The studio held a raffle for all attending in which they had Nokia phones and TVs to give away.

These are initial reports provided by fans who attended the game. Josh, was responsible for the video and several other fans contributed photos.

Everyone is super excited about Batman vs. Superman and many took to Twitter to share and report on the news that filming was finally underway.

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Henry Cavill, who plays Superman and Ben Affleck, who is the new Batman were not present during the shooting as they are involved in other projects at the moment.

The Batman/Superman comic was published by DC Comics as a monthly series, which made its debut in 2003 and had the iconic characters pairing together.

It is unclear what the relationship between them will be in Batman vs. Superman, but some speculate that in this version we will see two of the biggest characters go against each other. More details to come, stay tuned.