Sandra Bullock Dressed Up As Skeleton Takes Son Louis To Halloween Party [Photo]

Sandra Bullock and her son Louis dressed up as matching skeletons, were spotted on their way to a Halloween party on Saturday in Los Angeles.

The Gravity actress went all out with make up completely covering her face in white with red accents around her eyes and chin.

The nose is really cute with the tip of it painted black as are the eyes and lips. Her dress is white with black lacy accents.

Obviously, Sandra Bullock is not the scary type of skeleton because she has Louis, 3, who is adorably matching her mom for the special occasion.

The little one has a pretty simple black costume with the usual bones to make him the perfect skeleton, no face paining is seen on him.

He is holding his mom’s hand and doesn’t look too happy to see the paparazzi that are sure to be snapping the photos.

Sandra Bullock is seen carrying the wings that go along with Louis’ costume.

The Oscar winner has said that her “little man” doesn’t care much for photographers that are constantly following their every move.

In recent interviews, while promoting her super successful film Gravity Sandra Bullock said:

“He’s in a situation where he’s not liking that someone’s there with a camera. He’s usually giving stink eye, but he’s giving stink eye because he doesn’t want anybody messing with his mom. That’s what breaks my heart, because he’s doing it…he’s like, ‘Don’t get near my mom,'”

It appears young Louis is very protective of mama, even at his young age.

“He doesn’t know why those people are there but he senses—any time any man gets near me, he’s like, ‘Dude, don’t get near my mom.’ So when there’s about eight of them, it’s the same thing. It’s like he doesn’t like that energy that’s coming.” Sandra Bullock says.

The actress adopted Louis after her divorce from Jesse James in 2010, following allegations that he had cheated on her with several women who came forth with tales of infidelity.

The former couple had begun proceedings to adopt and the actress decided to go ahead and become a single parent.

Now she says she’s never been happier, “I’m having such an amazing time. Whatever comes our way, we handle as a family. It’s not just me anymore.” Sandra Bullock is exactly where she wants to be.