Rihanna Actually Wears Clothes, Still Draws Controversy With Photos In UAE

Rihanna has put on some clothes! However, the singers sultry poses and her disrespect for a place of worship has led to outrage in the United Arab Emirates.

The “Umbrella” singer was performing in the area when she posed for photographs at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Rihanna is seen in her Instagram photos wearing crimson lipstick and sporting dark red fingernails alongside a head-to-toe hooded jumpsuit. However, she also offers up some sultry trademark poses that have been deemed “disrespectful.”

After posting the photos to Twitter one fine quickly chimed in with praise for her work, “Rihanna may look gorgeous and all but she’s covering her head out of fashion not out of respect for the mosque.”

Another Twitter user also didn’t understand the outrage, writing, “I don’t see how Rihanna posing adjacent to a mosque in Abu Dhabi is disrespectful. If anything she’s showing respect by supporting the hijab.”

Rihanna hasn’t been experiencing much love in other parts of the world. Fans in South Africa have condemned the singer for her lackluster performances and allegations of lip-syncing.

The pop superstar isn’t alone in upsetting Muslims, Madonna was criticized for adopting Muslim clothing alongside a chainmail mask.

Rihanna is constantly coming under fire for her strange behavior and disrespect for fans. While we can appreciate that she would want to post in such a beautiful location, we also realize that sometimes it is better to do nothing rather than attempt to gain exposure by taking sultry photos in a place of religious worship.

Do you think Rihanna went to far by posing in the mosque or were her photos tasteful and beautiful?