Tornado Hit England, A Month Of Heavy Rain Forecast

A tornado hit England as forecasters say a month of torrential rains are expected, following the unusual event.

Tornadoes are common in places like the US, however they are the exception and not the rule in England.

This weekend the storm hit Hayling Island, near Portsmouth, Hampshire, which is located in the southern coast of the country.

Residents describe the storm as “a freight train”, which is how most people who have experienced a tornado explain what it feels like.

According to a report in The Telegraph the tornado hit England damaging the roofs of nearly 100 homes, uprooting trees and telephone poles, which fell on cars parked on the streets.

One of the residents said she was terrified to watch the early Sunday morning storm which resembled a “wall of wind.”

“It woke me up – you could hear it coming,” Cheryl Hart said. “It sounded like a freight train coming up the road.

“You could actually see it. It’s difficult to describe but it was like a big grey wall. I didn’t see any debris in it, just a big grey wall of wind.”

Hart says they consider themselves lucky as they only suffered minimal damage to their yard, while other neighbors were hit hard by the tornado that hit England.

“A neighbor has a kayak that has been blown into their garden. No one knows where it has come from.” Hart adds.

The Hampshire police department says the first call, about a fallen tree, came in at 7:45 am.

“Other calls came in shortly afterwards of broken fences, damaged cars and damaged roofs to around 100 houses. Reports described it as a mini tornado.”

The spokesperson for the police department said officers are on the scene investigating and they are reporting no injuries after the tornado hit.

Paul Knightley, a meteorologist at Meteogroup, said: “The conditions were favorable for a tornado. There is an unstable atmosphere, it is fairly warm for this time of year and there is a lot of moisture in the air.”

There have been higher than average incidences of tornadoes in England in the last few years according to Metrogroup.

Forecasters expect the heavy rains in the area to continue for an additional three to four weeks.

Meteorologist Tim Thorne said: “In the next two weeks it looks to be generally wetter than average.”

The tornado that hit England was one of many extreme weather events this weekend. In Wales, heavy rain caused flash flooding.