‘GTA 5’ Weird Car Facts

GTA 5 has some weird car facts, whether you or NPCs are driving them. You’ll spend a lot of time with them, considering the third word of the game’s title happens to be “auto,” so here are a bunch of the strangest facts you will encounter.

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One car fact you might not know is that when you customize them, the drive trains will differ depending on whether you’re driving a front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or even sports car. The details actually change depending on the car.

Driving on the shoulder of the freeway will cause the controller to vibrate, and the side that vibrates will actually correspond to the side you’re driving on. How’s that for realism in vibration controls?

Speaking of realism, another weird car fact in GTA 5 is that if you pull a burnout too often, your tires will actually go flat, simulating your tread wearing away and eating through the basic fabric. On the subject of burnouts, if you do it over a dead body, blood will spray out behind the car.

Older cars will have trouble starting, just like in real life, and the brakes will squeak more. So if you want a smoother, quieter, and more reliable getaway vehicle, be sure to get a newer ride. Of course, if the car you drive looks too good, and you end up at a stop light next to someone else driving a sports car, they will start harassing you into a race.

If you create a traffic jam in Grand Theft Auto 5, the NPCs stuck behind you will start flipping you off. Of course you could always teach them some manners, get out of the car, drop a grenade, and run to teach them some manners the hard way … if they live.

Now if you’re in a firefight and you happen to fire a round into the opponents’ gas tank, there will be a gas trail following the car that you can shoot. The flames will follow the car, blowing up their ride, and probably them as well.

If you find yourself in a police chase, and considering what the game is about, you probably will, you can grab a tow truck and see if you can’t hook it to the front of a police car and take it helplessly along for the ride, possibly off a cliff. You might want to bring a parachute for the conclusion to this GTA 5 weird car fact. Of course if the police wreck their car while they chase you, or you steal a car before they have one, they will commandeer a civilian’s car to chase you down.

Last but not least, if you’re driving through the mountains, you will lose your radio signal. Similarly if you drive through a tunnel, you will lose your GPS signal.

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How might these weird car facts in GTA 5 affect you? Were you aware of any of them before?