2009 NFL Draft two years out: San Francisco 49ers

To be perfectly honest each and every day this draft looks worse and worse. Considering the fact that they picked 10th in the first round two years ago, and will pick seventh in 2011 that seems to indicate this is a team heading in the wrong direction. There has been a regime change and that usually squashes past draft classes, but this one looks pretty bad.

Before we go any farther a quick look at the relevant 49ers picks from 2009:

1.Round One (10)- Michael Crabtree WR
2.Round Three (74)- Glen Coffee RB
3.Round Five (146)- Scott McKillop
4.Round Five (171)- Nate Davis (QB)
5.Round Six (184)- Bear Pascoe TE
6.Round Seven (219)- Curtis Taylor DB
7.Round Seven (244)- Ricky Jean-Francois DT

Simply put only Michael Crabtree living up to be the 10th overall pick was going to save this class, and just two years later he is the only 2009 49ers draft pick still on the active roster. On top of that he has not yet lived up to being the 10th player selected two years ago. Sure the bad QB play on this team might have something to do with that but as of right now this team used seven picks two years ago and got little in return.

That is not a way to improve any organization. Believe me, I live in Detroit and watched a decade’s worth of draft picks be wasted by the Detroit Lions organization and saw the results on the field of so many failed draft classes. Right now the 2009 49ers draft class has them headed down a similar road.

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