‘GTA 5’ Weird Character Facts

GTA 5 and its characters have some weird facts, and last time we showed you some that broke the laws of physics as we most likely sent you on some daredevil missions. Click here to check them out.

This time around we’re going to focus on the characters themselves and their tendencies. Yes, there are some interesting facts surrounding Michael, Trevor, and Franklin that make them unique in ways you might not have expected.

For one, did you know that if you use the internet in the game itself and find the dating site called HushSmush, you’ll find a profile for Michael’s wife Amanda? Apparently she’s not satisfied with their marriage…

Michael is still protective of his stuff and his wife, though. If you run him or his wife over, you’ll actually get the hospital bill. If you steal his car as Trevor or Franklin, you can expect Michael to call and chew you out.

One more weird fact about Michael is that in the opening prologue for Grand Theft Auto 5, he isn’t using a smartphone, as it’s years earlier. He’s actually using an older model cell phone.

Of course, the next weird fact about the GTA 5 characters involves all three of them. Say you go to character’s home and shoot everything, or fire a missile at it, they will call or text you in anger. It’s probably a good thing there aren’t any lawyers in Grand Theft Auto 5, or you’d probably be broke in no time.

Also, speaking of character houses, when Franklin moves to a new house, furniture and various items will appear over time like he’s actually slowly settling in and buying stuff over time. Franklin also has a tendency to start pulling a monologue and getting all introspective when he gets high.

Getting back to the subject of phones, a weird character fact in GTA 5 centers around the kinds of smartphones they use. No two of them use the same kind, as Michael uses an iPhone, another uses an Android, and the third uses a Windows phone. Yup, apparently the three of them have their differences even there.

Finally, there is an interesting fact that Trevor doesn’t like being followed, especially after a mission. If you follow him around long enough as another character he will get angry and kill you. Apparently, the balding one has a deep hatred of stalkers, even if they’re his buddies.

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What do you think of these weird character facts in GTA 5?