The UFL is being sued again

Once again we learn about a lawsuit from someone connected to the United Football League. This time the Mayo Clinic, in addition to Mark Cuban and a Sacramento PR firm, is suing the league over non payment of 2010 bills. The clinic is claiming the league never paid for player physicals and the like were only partially paid, and that the league owes them around 95 grand. What this seems to indicate is the UFL is out of money, and more money is going to be paid out to the lawyers before this league ever gets back to playing football.

There is now a growing list of persons not paid, or paid very late for their involvement with the UFL in 2010. This is a league that needs a PR win, not more vendors lining up to sue them over non payment. In my mind it is a failure of UFL commish Michael Huyghue, and it seems more and more for this league to be a success a new commish must be found.

More to the point it does not seem that the UFL, as presently organized, can be financially stable. This league is dependent on live attendance for most of its revenue. Unlike the NFL they do not have the luxury of club seat or suite sales to account for well over half of their stadium revenues. That means they have to convince as many people as they can to attend the games. So far that has been an uphill battle, and these continuing issues do not inspire confidence in the fan base.

What this league needs is a national Team Teal campaign that worked so well for the Jacksonville Jaguars last year. They were able to motivate their fan base to get out and support their team.

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