‘Once Upon A Time’ Cast Adds Marilyn Manson

Once Upon a Time is adding Marilyn Manson to the cast. The notorious shock rocker has signed on for ABC’s dramatic Disney series as the voice of the villain Shadow in the next season.

You have most probably heard of Marilyn Manson by now. Originally a guitarist for Nine Inch Nails, Brian Warner left to take shock value to a whole new level, debuting with a disturbingly dark cover of “Sweet Dreams,” and basically taking shock value to extremes to make himself one of the most infamous rockers of all time, eclipsing even the self-named “Prince of Darkness” John “Ozzy” Osbourne.

After Marilyn Manson’s music career stopped shocking us, Brian Warner started turning to film, donating or performing soundtrack music, most notably that of the original Resident Evil.

Apparently the shock rocker got ABC’s attention with his disturbing vocals, as that was what they were looking for to voice a villain for the upcoming season of Once Upon a Time. Marilyn Manson’s ability to make your skin crawl with his voice gave him the edge he needed to be one of the most unusual cast members ever for a Disney spinoff.

Shadow, Brian Warner’s character, is the demonic spirit that works for Peter Pan and helps him kidnap children and such. Given his past image as Marilyn Manson, that description sounds incredibly fitting. Peter Pan apparently had trouble adjusting to adulthood as the boy who never grew up, and now he’s become a villain to rival Captain Hook. Add the assistance of Shadow, voiced by Marilyn Manson, and the creepiness is enough to warrant a horror movie.

Once Upon a Time isn’t the first time Brian Warner has gone into acting, though. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Marilyn Manson also made a cameo on HBO’s Eastbound and Down.

With the addition of Marilyn Manson to Once Upon a Time‘s cast, the series looks like it’s getting dark indeed. Disney just got a little creepier.

[image via Featureflash / Shutterstock.com]