Drake Concert In Pittsburgh Settles Future Feud, Brings Out Wiz Khalifa

Drake’s latest concert in Pittsburgh put aside a rivalry and brought out area native Wiz Khalifa.

The kickoff to the Would You Like a? tour, began with Drake joining forces with Future. For those of you following the scuffle, Drake and Future have had their differences rather publicly.

The battle began when Drake had allegedly kicked fellow rapper Future off the tour after some rather scathing remarks, claiming his songs were better than those of “all these rappers,” despite being on the songs he was putting down. When Future found out Drake had allegedly gotten him booted, he replied with the threat of a million dollar lawsuit. Future was simply being “honest,” the rapper claimed.

Anyone familiar with the goings-on of the rap world knows that scuffles are usually part of the hype, going back probably even further than Dr. Dre and Eazy E, former members of NWA. The more outrageous the stories are, usually the more hardcore the rappers look, and they sell more albums.

Drake’s concert in Pittsburgh didn’t continue the off-stage hate as he welcomed Future back on the stage with him.

At first the change in attitude wasn’t apparent, but after Future opened the show, Drake was right in the middle of his set when he stopped everything and addressed the alleged scuffle:

“I try my best to stay away from the bullsh**. I got my brother here with me, and together we are the future.”

At that point, Future joined Drake on stage and they did the chorus of “Love Me” together. All appears forgiven at this point as after their cooperation for the song, Future went into some of his infamous songs such as “I’m Just Being Honest” and “Same Damn Time.” Drake then got to his feet and got the crowd pumped for Future’s music.

After the scuffle was apparently resolved on stage, Drake introduced one last surprise as Wiz Khalifa took the stage to perform “Black and Yellow.”

It appears that Drake’s concert in Pittsburgh has shown he’s willing to put the differences behind him and work with Future after all.

[image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com, eurweb.com]