Sarah White: Therapist or cam-girl?

Okay, she's not technically a therapist, and this business plan came solely from an episode of Family Guy.

But if nothing else, 24-year-old Sarah White is getting a lot of internet attention. Having first tried her hand at being a naked coder, naked tutor and in naked consulting, it appears White is kind of dead set on where her actual strengths lie. And not surprisingly, other mental health professionals in New York, where White's practice technically is, have a dim view of her shenanigans:

It’s my opinion that Sarah White is unlikely studying to become a therapist in any graduate school. The talk of studying for her Master’s and Ph.D. is just that — talk. Distraction, so you won’t notice she doesn’t hold the minimal qualifications needed in New York State to be practicing psychotherapy... I assume that, because of the New York Daily News article (must’ve been a slow news day, despite Charlie Sheen), Sarah White will soon be getting a call from the professional licensing authorities for practicing therapy in New York without a license.
Counterpoint: she does have glasses.