‘GTA Online’ Missions Can Be Repeated, But Rewards Will Be Slashed [Video]

GTA Online‘s missions can be repeated, but thanks to a patch released this week, you will only earn half of what you did the first time. Yes, the exploits that got you rich early on are slowly being eliminated.

In Rockstar’s latest efforts to make Grand Theft Auto Online more accessible to the masses, the game will now balance out your digital shenanigans so that one mission that you were planning on repeating for extra money will now only earn you half if you’ve already beaten it.

Grand Theft Auto 5 and its online problems have been Rockstar’s main focus for some time, beginning with the last minute rush to grab enough servers to support a game that sold better in its opening week than World of Warcraft did at its peak. Despite that, Rockstar still encountered problems with players not being able to log in, and various items vanishing after being supposedly saved.

GTA Online has certainly seen its share of problems as Rockstar’s first attempt at an MMO shooter launched to more glitches than the Matrix.

Yesterday’s Patch 1.04 for GTA Online‘s missions has fixed repeated playthroughs that gamers may have been trying to exploit, making them only pay out half as much. It looks like you’re just going to have to earn money the hard way again, being a public menace and shaking down random citizens. Rockstar acknowledges that gamers might enjoy certain missions more than others and for that reason, they haven’t removed the rewards entirely.

Rockstar is still looking into the feedback regarding NPC missions, and deciding whether or not a future patch will continue to allow them to be repeated. It’s an understandably difficult balance to strike, making the game more fair when its basic premise is dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

What do you think of Rockstar’s latest patch fixing GTA Online mission repetitions so they only pay out half after the first time?