NBC Cancels Shows, Paving The Way For ‘Community’ Return

NBC has already canceled two low-performing shows from its fall lineup, and in doing so has paved the way for fan-favorite Community to return.

In a shakeup announced Friday, the network axed two of its recently introduced shows. Gone from the lineup are the Mike O’Malley project Welcome to the Family and the police drama Ironside.

To make up for the hole in the Thursday night lineup caused by Welcome to the Family‘s absence, NBC is planning to insert some specials and air back-to-back Parks & Recreation episodes. Ironside still has one new show, which will air Wednesday, October 23. After that Dateline will take up the show’s 10 pm slot.

As NBC cancels its low-performing shows, it also prepares for the long-awaited return of a cult favorite in Community. The network announced a January 2 premiere date as the show returns with back-to-back episodes.

The announcement means fans can avoid the confusion of last season, when NBC announced that Community would return on October 19 only to see that date pass.

The show was eventually brought back in the mid-season schedule, but now before producers came up with a promo making fun of the network for the fake premiere date. In it the cast members said that October 19 wasn’t so much a concrete date as a state of mind.

“While we may not know when we’ll air on the calender, when we do rest assured it’ll be October 19,” the character Abed said in the promo.

While NBC has cancelled some of its new shows, a returning star has also gotten the go-ahead for another season. Chicago Fire, which comes from Law & Order producer Dick Wolf, will make its sophomore debut on Wednesday, January 8 at 10 pm.