Darth Vader TV Specials Arriving In 2014

Disney is moving full speed ahead with its recent acquisition of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise. According to information provided to Star Wars licensees, multiple TV specials will air in Spring or Summer 2014.

In a recent brochure handed out to attendees at the Brand Licensing Europe show, Lucasfilm explains that new releases are on the way. As expected, Star Wars Episode VII is listed for “Spring/Summer 2015,” and the Star Wars Rebels animated series is placed under the “Fall/Winter 2014” release schedule.

Lucasfilm by way of Disney is also releasing a “choose your side” marketing initiative that will launch in the Spring.

The biggest news from the brochure is a group of “Darth Vader Themed TV Specials” set to arrive in Spring/Summer 2014.

Mashable points out that during the D23 conference this year “Lucasfilm brought a whole exhibit on the history of Darth Vader and the inspirations that led to his creation — from the samurai helmet onwards — so perhaps we should simply expect the TV equivalent of that exhibit.”

There is still the possibility that original stories surrounding Darth Vader could be on the horizon, although Disney and LucasFilm have confirmed nothing at this point.

Star Wars Rebels is set between Episode III and IV and during that time Darth Vader was hunting down and killing Jedi all throughout the galaxy.

Star Wars mania is already taking over with casting decisions being announced and JJ Abrams constantly hinting at his vision for the new Star Wars movies.

Fans of the popular franchise don’t show any signs of over saturation burnout, which means Lucasfilm is likely to continue pushing out a record amount of Star Wars material.

Do you think showing Darth Vader’s past to Star Wars fans is a good idea or would the history of what inspired George Lucas to create Darth Vader be a better way to go?