Megyn Kelly Invites Sarah Palin On, Things Devolve Pretty Quickly From There [Video]

Megyn Kelly’s The Kelly File is off to a respectable start with topical coverage and expert guest commentators. So it was only a matter of time before Sarah Palin would be invited on to shake things up a bit.

And shake things up, she did.

Kelly set up the controversial Tea Party firebrand by asking her for a simple comment on President Obama’s notion that the government shutdown had a negative effect on America’s credibility throughout the world. The answer to that question was buried in the middle of a long-winded, frustrated diatribe. Well, maybe it was. I’m sure it was in there somewhere.

It was almost as if Palin was set to expire or even explode in mere minutes, and hence had to make her last words really count. So why not play back the greatest hits?

“…And then locking up pipelines and resources that will result in us being more reliant on foreign imports for energy, and then of course he, having left behind, his administration having left behind our brave men in Benghazi to be murdered, and then of course there’s Syria, where he promised to bomb Syria because in that civil war, Syria was going to bomb Syria, and then we never heard another word again about his threat to bomb in a foreign civil war, and then of course…”

That’s just like… a slice of it.

“Listen, let me jump in!” Kelly protested, but Palin kept on. “Let me jump in!” she cried. “But I want to ask you a question governor!”

You can watch it above.

Side note: Am I the only one who thinks that Sarah Palin looks like she’s gotten a little work done? Looking more and more like Lisa Ann every day, Mama Grizzly.