Donald Trump 'Definitely Not' Running For New York Governor [Video]

Todd Rigney

Worried that Donald Trump might seriously consider running for governor of New York? The multi-millionaire and Apprentice star told David Letterman that he's "definitely not" putting in his bid for candidacy.

Trump appeared on the late-night talk show Thursday night. In addition to chatting a bit about his reported dealings with the mob, he addressed rumors that he was seriously thinking about running for New York governor.

"I'm probably not. I can really say I'm really definitely not. I have other things to do. I have a lot of things that are going on that are fabulous," Trump revealed.

According to USA Today, some New York Republicans were hoping to get Donald Trump on the ballot against Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo. GOP Assemblyman Bill Nojay seemed to think the millionaire would have a pretty good shot at winning the election if he decided to run.

"My conclusion is if we can convince Trump to run, then he would be a very dynamic candidate. I think he would beat Andrew Cuomo because Trump is right on the issues, and Cuomo is talking but he's not doing," Nojay explained earlier this week.

Although Donald Trump explained that he hadn't given the idea very much thought, he seemed to have a few thoughts about what's presently wrong with the state he calls home.

"It would be very interesting. I mean, New York has some very serious problems. We have taxes that are through the roof; we have energy sitting in our ground that we are not getting. We have a lot of problems, but it's not something that is of great interest to me," he said.

As far as his dealings with the mob, Trump decided to give David Letterman a non-answer during his recent interview. That's probably the best approach given the topic.

"You don't want to get involved. Although I must say, I have met on occasion a few of those people. They happen to be very nice people -- you just don't want to owe them money," he explained. That's probably very sound advice.

Are you glad Donald Trump isn't running for governor of New York?

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