Olsen Twins Fashion Feud With Jessica Simpson Likely Fabricated

The Olsen twins may not be at odds with fellow celebrity fashion designer Jessica Simpson after all.

One week after reports that the former Full House stars had been bad-mouthing Simpson’s fashion line, new reports cast doubt on whether the Olsens really care about Jessica or her audience.

The news of the feud emerged from a National Enquirer story, which noted that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were growing jealous of Jessica as her clothing line passed $1 billion in sales. The magazine said the Olsens look down on Jessica Simpson and her style.

“Mary-Kate and Ashley believe Jessica’s fashions are ‘low rent,’ ” a source reportedly told the Enquirer.

The source added that the Olsens think Jessica is just catering to the lowest common denominator to make money.

“Mary-Kate and Ashley are regulars at all the fashion shows in New York, Paris, London and Milan, and dress way ahead of the curve. To them Jessica is flogging flannel and burlap to banjo pickers,” the source said.

The characterization would fit given the Olsens’ high-fashion brand. Last year the sisters won the prestigious 2012 Womenswear Designers of the Year award at the CFDA Awards, and reports say other designers are now looking to the pair for fashion cues.

But many are skeptical that the two would start a feud with Jessica Simpson. The entertainment and fashion blog Bustle is casting doubt on whether there is bad blood between the Olsen twins and Jessica Simpson, saying the feud report is nothing but “tabloid fodder” and claiming the quotes are made up.

Gossip Cop, another celebrity news blog, pointed out that the National Enquirer has a history of unflattering and poorly sourced stories about the Olsen twins.

“There’s no Olsen-Simpson feud or rivalry,” the report stated.

A representative for the Olsen twins also cleared up the report, saying the sisters are happy for Jessica Simpson’s success and have nothing bad to say about her fashion line.