Prince Fielder Booed At Comerica Park

Detroit Tigers fans aren’t too happy with Prince Fielder.

The slugger, who recently signed a 9-year $214 million, hasn’t been producing for the Tigers. Detroit Jock City reports that Fielder hasn’t had any home runs, RBIs, and has only had one extra base hit during the American League Championship Series.

Bleacher Reports notes that Fielder had one hit during game 5 and currently has a batting average of.267.

Needless to say, Detroit Tigers fans are getting a little upset with Prince Fielder’s performance. The Tigers cleanup hitter was actually booed during game five at Comerica Park.

Boston Globe writer Pete Abraham writes: “Boos for Prince Fielder, who came into the game not having driven in a run in last 16 postseason games.”

Prince Fielder addressed the boos and his current slump after game 5.

Fielder said: “I’m just trying to hit the ball. I can’t worry about the crowd. If they could do it they would play. (There’s no added pressure) I’m just trying to do something to help the team. I’m confident. We just have to play and see what happens… It’s not pleasant to hear the boos but that’s what they do. They’re fans. That’s what they do. I want to hit home runs as much as everyone else wants me to. I just want to hit the ball hard.”

Prince Fielder’s production may not be on par with expectations but manager Jim Leyland has no plans of moving Fielder out of the lineup.

Leyland said: “I don’t think (we’ll move him.) Like I said, he’s had some good at-bats — doesn’t have a lot to show for it — and some not-so-good at-bats. But I don’t think so.”

The Tigers currently trail the Red Sox 2-3 in the ALCS. Fielder and the rest of the Tigers now had to Fenway Park for Game 6.

Are you surprised with Prince Fielder’s production during the playoffs?

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