Tom Hiddleston On Obituary Obsession, Doing His Own Stunts

Tom Hiddleston is in the middle of promoting his new film Thor: The Dark World and has been doing the press rounds revealing he does most of his stunts as Loki and why he was obsessed with obituaries.

Hiddleston is proving that he is much more than the Marvel villain in the Thor franchise with films such as War Horse, Midnight In Paris, and The Deep Blue Sea, as well as taking on dramatic roles for television in The Hollow Crown and Wallander among others.

In his recent press junkets to promote Thor: The Dark World he reveals that he does “99 percent” of his stunts playing Loki alongside his “brother from another mother” Chris Hemsworth.

The 32-year-old made the revelation during a visit to the program Newsbeat at the BBC for which he answered several fan questions.

Tom Hiddleston also said that on a day off he enjoys: “a good breakfast, table tennis, run in the park and a good movie.”

It is easy to see why his fans are so fond of him. The charismatic actor’s followers call themselves Hiddlestoners as a sign of their devotion for all things Hiddleston.

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth are good friends.

In an interview with the Evening Standard the actor revealed he had a strange obsession with obituaries.

“I was always concerned about wasting time. I don’t ever want to look back and think: ‘Why wasn’t I doing something or making something?'” he recalled. “I used to read obituaries obsessively. They always started with a birth date and maybe the county where the subject was raised – and then the life would start at 25. What happened to those 25 legitimate years of good living time?”

Tom Hiddleston, unlike many of his colleagues, was raised in a privileged home, attending Eton College (Prince William’s Alma Mater) and being afforded the best in life. However, this hasn’t made him less humble or less excited about what the future holds

“Look, it’s fine. I’ve been blessed with an extraordinary education. I feel privileged and I know I’ve had an enormously pleasant life,” he confessed. “But it also has its complexity. I’d love to round out the rosy picture with some shade that would give you some more detail, but it’s not my past. I feel like baring that in public would be ungracious. And anyway, we’re in the present. Look at what’s in front of you.”

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Tom Hiddleston’s future is bright indeed and he has the right combination of looks, talent, and personality. Thor: The Dark World opens November 8.