Girl Performs Oral Sex On Fellow Student In School Cafeteria, Says She Was ‘Dared’

Two freshman students at a Georgia high school have been turned over to authorities after they were caught recording themselves engaging in oral sex inside the school’s cafeteria (and yes, during lunch).

Etowah High School spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby explained the situation in an email to reporters, and described the incident as the result of a “dare.”

The female student approached the male and allegedly “made a sexual offer to a male classmate during lunch.” He thought it was a joke at first, and when she actually started performing oral sex on him, he says he put a stop to it (though how she got his pants undone before he realized she was “serious” is unknown).

Indeed, the boy’s story has been disputed by many of his peers who say that a video of him receiving oral sex from the girl started circulating around the school. “The guy who recorded it, he sent it to people…a lot (of people),” one student told local WSB-TV.

“I don’t think it’s a responsible thing to do,”another student said, continuing sagely, “but knowing our generation, you know, we don’t really think before we act and we just send it off.”

Another student said that the parties involved had stacked up books and book bags to cover the sex act.

When asked where supervising adults were, Jacoby said that the staff present during lunchtime are usually by the doors, making sure that students don’t leave.

The students involved have been charged with misdemeanor public indecency, and “appropriate school disciplinary action” will follow.

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