2009 NFL Draft two years out: Jacksonville Jaguars

The 2009 Jacksonville Jaguars draft class is a little hard to figure out as they drafted O lineman with their first two picks. Since no major stats are earned at those positions evaluating them can be quite hard. Of course they had nine picks this year and turned them into five starters. That seems to indicate that they did quite well. However going from 7-9 (2009) to 8-8 (2010) is not much of an improvement on the field.

Before we go any farther a quick look at the relevant picks made by the Jaguars in 2009:

1.Round One (8)- Eugene Monroe OT
2.Round Two (39)- Ebon Britton OT
3.Round Three (72)- Terrance Knighton DT
4.Round Three (73)- Derek Cox CB
5.Round Four (107)- Mike Thomas WR
6.Round Five (144)- Jarett Dillard WR
7.Round Six (180)- Zach Miller TE
8.Round Seven (250)- Rashad Jennings RB
9.Round Seven (253)- Tiquan Underwood WR

The Jags gave up 14 sacks in 2009, but 26 in 2010 that seems to indicate that there two offensive lineman taken in 2009 haven’t produced very much. Terrence Knighton has played every game since being drafted, but has not been all that effective. His numbers went down after another DT was taken in the 2010 draft. Mike Thomas ahs worked out quite well as the second receiver in the Jag offense, and Derek Cox has done an adequate job on the defense at corner.

All in all this still looks like an ok draft class. It may be that on the field success has not come due to the coaching staff not using this pieces correctly, or some other problem. However, landing five starters in one draft year is a pretty rare feat. Or maybe they landed five sub par to average starters and they still need an upgrade from these players.

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