Toyota Recall 2013: Failing Engines, Brakes, And Airbags, Oh My!

The Toyota recall in 2013 has been of such a large scale that some critics are suggesting the auto maker is having serious problems again, causing consumers to wonder if Toyota has lost their edge in the quality control department. Toyota seems to be facing the same issues it dealt with in 2010, with a cascade of catastrophic failures leading to the erosion of the company’s image as a “quality benchmark.”

The recall has now reached six million cars for this year alone. As a service to our readers, The Inquisitr brings you the completeToyota recall list for 2013:

Toyota Recalls 803,000 Cars For Airbag Problem

Just yesterday, Toyota issued a recall for 803,000 vehicles in the United States, citing an electrical problem that could stop airbags from deploying in an accident. The car maker explained that a possible short circuit in the vehicles could cause airbag warning lights to turn on and possibly disable them so they won’t deploy in a collision. In some cases, the airbags could deploy when they aren’t supposed to. Toyota says that the issue is from a water leak from the air conditioning condenser onto the airbag control module. The leak could also cause more problems, including a short circuit that disables the power-steering system.

Toyota Recalls Lexus And RAV4 Models For Crashes Linked To Failed 2012 Repair

In September, there was a recall for another 780,000 vehicles for suspension issues. Some Lexus and RAV4 crashes were linked to a previous recall that failed to fix the problem. In 2012, Toyota recalled these same models for a defect in the suspension system.

Lexus Hybrid Engines Shut Off

Also in September, another recall affected 369,000 vehicles, including cars among the high end Lexus brand. Vehicles in North America and Japan had a problem with a bolt in the engine that controls the variable-valve timing system, which controls the engine camshafts. The bolt was apparently able to loosen, causing the entire engine to stop functioning and potentially damage the engine.

Toyota Recalls Gas-Electric Vehicle For Brake Design Flaw

In June, a Toyota recall was issued for nearly 242,000 gas-electric hybrid vehicles worldwide. The announcement included the company’s Prius model and the Lexus HS 250h models produced from June through October 2009. The recall involved the brake pressure accumulator, which could crack with fatigue and release nitrogen gas into the brake fluid.

Toyota Recalls One Million Vehicles For Wiper, Airbag Issues

In January, Toyota recalled more than one million vehicles for windshield wiper and airbag issues. The vehicles affected include the company’s Corolla as well as Lexus sedans. Another “customer service action” for an airbag inflation problem included 752,000 vehicles in the US and thousands of similar cars in Japan, Mexico, and Canada, all manufactured between December 2001 and May 2004. The Three Lexus IS models manufactured between May 2005 and October 2011 were affected by windshield wipers that would not work in heavy snowfall.

So what do you think… up for buying a Toyota?