Windows 8.1 Released: Download Updates To Bring Start Menu Back

The Windows 8.1 release date is upon us, with the latest free Windows Updates bringing the Start Menu and other features to the table.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Windows 8.1 Blue is offered as a free upgrade to Windows 8 users.

If you were hoping the Windows 8.1 updates would bring back a focus on the Windows 7 desktop interface then unfortunately I have some bad news for you. Microsoft still intends the app tiles of the Start Screen to be the primary interface although the desktop’s Start Menu is back (sort of). Earlier previews of Windows 8.1 had the new Start Menu button as only a shortcut to the Modern UI, but now it launches a transparent version of the Modern UI to allowing you to quickly choose a Windows app. But if you want a free Windows 8 Start Menu for desktop mode this writer suggests the software provided by IObit.

The biggest change is Windows 8.1 snap view, which allows multiple Modern UI apps to run on the same screen at once. The Windows 8.1 update allows up to eight apps side by side depending on the screen resolution of your display. Devices like the Microsoft Surface tablet will be limited to two apps at a time. The Windows 8.1 download provides other little tweaks to the Modern UI to make it more user friendly, with the Start Screen being easier to organize.

Windows 8.1 is a unified operating system, which means it’s intended to run across multiple devices. Windows 8.1 updates SkyDrive to not only back up personal files but it will synchronize settings and apps across all your Windows 8.1 devices, from the desktop to smartphones to tablets. Another Windows 8.1 change many users will appreciate is that Windows 8 Apps purchased via the Windows Store can now be used in up to 81 devices with a roaming profile. As a comparison, Windows 8 only allowed up to five devices and Apple only allows up to 10 devices for purchases on their Apple Store.

Do you think the Windows 8.1 updates are good enough to make you upgrade?