Of course: Kylie Minogue inspires Swarovski-studded Kinect

Australian pop dwarf Kylie Minogue and evil mega-corporation Microsoft and possibly Superglue have teamed up to create a Microsoft Kinect covered with 6,000 tiny blue Swarovski diamonds. Because it’s basically the law that your console must be covered in Swarovski diamonds within six months of launch or it isn’t worth a shit.

Bornrich.com, a site that’s quite useful for generating murderous urges, reports that the Kylie Minogue Kinect is styled after the singer’s latest album, Aphrodite.

Alas, Aussie midget Minogue isn’t even the first to do/inspire/whatever this: a modder created this mildly less hideous Swarovski Kinect in December 2010. The Kylie Kinect is pretty exclusive, however: while it’s valued at $1,242, fans of Minogue can only win one via a contest that requires them to film themselves dancing to Kylie’s song in Dance Central.

[BornRich, via Kotaku]