Kendra Wilkinson Is Pregnant Again [Report]

Kendra Wilkinson is reportedly pregnant with baby number two. Wilkinson and her husband, Hank Baskett, already have one son together, Hank Baskett IV.

WIlkinson is reportedly about eight weeks along, according to a source, who confirmed the news to Us Weekly. The source added, “She and Hank have been planning a second baby for a while… and they are very excited.”

The reality star and former Playboy model has been trying to have a second child, and disclosed the information to Us in August. She commented, “We are trying, we are going to start now.” Well, if the rumors are true, it looks like the couple didn’t have to try very long.

Kendra added, “This is my first official announcement! We are very excited about making the decision to try!” The star also hinted that her reality show, Kendra on Top, will document her decision to have a second child, and could include an announcement of Wilkinson’s pregnancy.

While Kendra Wilkinson’s pregnancy is rumored, USA Today notes the star hasn’t confirmed it herself, and it could be a while before she does. The star added that she plans to talk with mom of two Jessica Simpson on how to lose baby weight once she does give birth to baby number two.

Wilkinson explained, “I need her to giver me advice. We’re caught up now, and I need some advice from her… I definitely need it, because we’re planning!” Chances are, Simpson will likely tell her to stay active and healthy during her pregnancy (there may be a Weight Watchers plug in the convo too!).

While the reality star may want advice on losing the weight after baby comes, she shouldn’t need any pointers on how to be a good mom. Wilkinson stated in July that she and her hubby are great at multitasking, a necessity when raising one child, let alone two. She added, “People make parenting so hard when it can be so easy. It’s never about feeling guilty, feeling good about what you’re doing and never going one minute without teaching him something.”

Whether or not Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant again, we’re betting she will be a great mom when her second child does make his or her entrance into the world.

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