‘Boy Meets Girl’ Star Rider Strong Getting Married This Weekend

Rider Strong may not have been the boy who met the girl in the popular series Boy Meets Girl but now he gets to play the groom in real-life!

Strong and future wife Alexandra Barreto will tie the knot in Oregon on Sunday. Talking to PEOPLE the 33-year-old Strong proclaimed, “I’m incredibly lucky to be getting married to my best friend and partner-in-crime.”

After playing Shawn Hunter on the ABC sitcom Rider Strong would co-star alongside Barreto in the short lived WB series Pepper Dennis. That show couldn’t make it through its 2006 debut season, but the pair reunited for the horror flick Tooth and Nail later in the year and started dating a short time later.

Strong proposed to Barreto just before Christmas last year. He proposed in the pouring rain under the redwood trees near his childhood home in Northern California.

Adding to the romance, Strong made the ring himself and then presented it to his future wife. Talking about the proposal Strong revealed, “I spent weeks making the ring in secret… I carved the ring out of wax, cast it in white gold and had my dad make a wooden ring box for me. My dad made my mom’s ring, so I was following in his footsteps.”

Talking about going the extra mile to make sure he had the perfect wedding ring for his future wife.

The wedding comes just ahead of the new series Girl Meets Boy. While Rider Strong may not be starring in that flick, he could reunite from time-to-time only to remind us how much we loved TGIF back in the day.

At this time details about the upcoming wedding are far and few between.

Congratulations to Rider Strong and Alexandra Barreto.