Davion Only: Church ‘Flooded’ With Calls From Interested Families

Davion Only was born in a Florida prison. Within days of his birth, he was taken from his mother and placed into foster care. Three weeks ago, the 15-year-old stood before the congregation of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church asking for something he never had — a “forever family.”

The Florida orphan currently resides in a group home called Carlton Manor. Throughout the years, he faced numerous struggles. Davion had a difficult time making friends, controlling his anger, and keeping up with his school work.

As reported by Newsweek, the teen began searching for his biological mother in June. Unfortunately, he found her obituary instead. She passed away less than two weeks before he began his search.

While attending her memorial service, he had an opportunity to meet the family he never knew. The relatives did not qualify as suitable guardians. However, they left the teen with an important message; they assured him that he is loved.

The funeral was a turning point. Davion said he finally realized that “God hasn’t given up” on him. Armed with the words of encouragement, the teen worked hard to overcome his struggles.

In the following months, Davion Only’s wish for a family intensified. Knowing that teens are rarely adopted, he tried a unique approach.

The teen took his plea to two different churches. Davion told the congregations that he was looking for a “forever family.” He explained that age and race do not matter. He simply wants to become part of a family.

St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church secretary Cynthia Coney said the church has been “flooded” with calls from interested families. She said some of the calls are coming from as far away as Utah.

As reported by Fox News, Coney is directing the callers to an adoption agency that is working with the teen. She said the number of calls is encouraging and she is sure Davion Only will find the perfect family.

Davion’s profile and adoption information: Here

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