Lara Flynn Boyle: Once Too Thin Has Emerged And Looks Unrecognizable

Niki Cruz

Lara Flynn Boyle is not having a good day. The Practice star was photographed on Sunday picking up some groceries and looked completely unrecognizable. The photos, which leaked to the web today, show the actress sporting a "puffy" face and exaggerated lips. It looks like Boyle's years of being outside of the limelight have led her to having some heavy plastic surgery. Aging is one thing, but this doesn't look like a natural progression at all.

During the height of her fame, Lara Flynn Boyle was actor Jack Nicholson's main squeeze. The two went public at the 1999 Emmys and they ended their relationship in the last weeks of 2000. Although it's assumed that Lara Flynn Boyle is happy in her marriage with real estate investor Donald Ray Thomas, it's obvious that she went under the knife to amplify her features. Unfortunately, the once great beauty now looks like a cautionary story for those thinking about getting plastic surgery.

Despite being only 43-years-old, Lara Flynn Boyle looks at least ten to fifteen years older due to the massive reconstructive surgery she's had on her face. During her heyday, she scored great roles in The Practice, Where The Day Takes You, and even attracted the attention of men for her deep blue eyes and sexy voice. Before dating Jack Nicholson, the star also dated David Spade, Matthew Perry, Jon Stewart, Kyle MacLachlan, and Eric Dane.

This isn't the only time Lara Flynn Boyle's looks have come under fire. Back at the height of her fame, Boyle was on the front of every major tabloid for being part of the "too thin in Hollywood" trend that plagued the early years of the new millennium. Boyle was lumped in with Ally McBeal stars Calista Flockhart and Portia de Rossi. Fortunately, it looks like Lara Flynn Boyle has somewhat escaped her frail frame, but who would recognize the star today?