Ricky Schroder Pulls Daughter Out Of School Over Cancer Scare

Ricky Schroder’s daughter has been pulled out of a Malibu school because of a cancer scare. The first thing you might be thinking is “cancer isn’t a communicable disease,” and you’d be right. The real cause has been linked to several possible contaminants in the school and surrounding grounds.

The former child star known for his role in Silver Spoons is all grown up, and now has kids of his own. Rick Schroder’s film history isn’t all that impressive, aside from a supporting role in Crimson Tide and a few supporting roles in TV series such as NYPD Blue, 24, and Scrubs. It’s probably just as well, considering that child actors usually don’t adapt well to the major media industry.

In fact, a run-in with a baggage clerk at the airport landed Ricky Schroder in trouble once before, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

This time around, it isn’t about Ricky Schroder himself. TV regular Ricky Schroder’s daughter was enrolled in a school where an alarming number of staff were showing signs of something potentially toxic at the school itself.

The soil itself is reportedly contaminated with PCBs, lead, and pesticides, known causes of cancer and other health conditions, and the school itself may be harboring dangerous levels of mold. Ricky Schroder is one of many parents testing the school for radioactivity, asbestos, and other potential hazards.

No, Ricky Schroder and his family are not being paranoid, he’s acting in “an abundance of caution.” Three teachers have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer within the last six months, while seven others have become inflicted with migraines, rashes, hair loss, and other things.

Ricky Schroder has told TMZ that he’s administering home schooling for his daughter until it has been proven that the school is safe beyond all doubt. So far no results have shown any actual cancer-causing results on the grounds, but parents are still wary of letting their children return.

Until further notice and negative results are confirmed, Ricky Schroder’s daughter will not be returning to the school.

[image via Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com]