Lonely Single Woman Throws Herself A Wedding, Literal Knight In Shining Armor Crashes

Eventually, you get to a point when enough is enough. For single Mary-Anne, she responded by throwing herself a wedding sans-groom. Funny, because that’s exactly when her knight in shining armor decided to show up.

Mary-Anne of Melbourne was still single at age 30, and decided to just throw herself a big fake wedding for herself at a huge venue with 100 guests, reports news.com.au. Though it seems at first flush like a desperate case of reckless self-deprecation, her wedding planner said that it was actually one of the more memorable ceremonies she had ever put together.

“She did the whole wedding herself,” recalled wedding planner Sarah McCawley. “She wore the white dress and everything and she wasn’t ashamed. She had a bridal table and she sat up there at the bridal table all proud. She didn’t do a ceremony but it was a full reception. She went and had her photos done with her bridal party all around Melbourne. It cost her a fortune.”

She had the dress, the veil, everything. Guests brought gifts and had slices from a huge wedding cake with just a little plastic bride on top. It was everything you’d expect out of a wedding, except there was no groom.

“She had the dress and the veil. All of the guests brought gifts. She had the big cake but on the cake she just had a bride figurine. It was everything except the actual ceremony.”

“She made it really fun,” McCawley said. “She knew it was a bit crazy but she thought ‘well instead of having a 30th why not do this and invite all of my friends?’ “

Humorously, her invitations noted that her own “knight in shining armor” never showed up. Funny she should say that, because that’s exactly what happened.

In an adorable, epic twist of Jim and Pam proportions, one of her co-workers who had long nursed a crush on her actually showed up in a suit of armor.

“When it got to the part where you do the bridal waltz, he came clonking in wearing this whole big suit of armor and got down on his knee but she didn’t know who it was in there. When he pulled back his little visor he said ‘I’ve loved you forever. Would you consider going out with me?’ “

She accepted, and according to McCawley, the two were married a year later.

Throwing a wedding without a groom is actually not that uncommon. Back in 2011, the website DailyCandy.com launched a wedding-for-one package as an April Fool’s joke, but many women were fooled into thinking it was a real company.

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