Band Of Bros: The Jonas Brothers Rift Turns Ugly

Last week, we reported that The Jonas Brothers were on the verge of splitting up. This news came directly after it was announced that The Jonas Brothers’ tour was cancelled due to a “deep rift in the band.” Now it looks like wounds aren’t healing too well for Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas.

Since the news that the trio of brothers were arguing, fans of The Jonas Brothers are now concerned that a cancelled tour means the band may be done forever. That speculation may actually become a reality, as a source close to the brothers told People, “It’s uglier than you think.”

According to the source that “deep rift” is so much more, as it’s being reported that the brothers are not getting along at all. To further the band’s demise, The Jonas Brothers’ official Twitter account has been deactivated.

It was reported that the fighting began when the brothers weren’t able to agree on a musical direction for their band. One brother wanted to explore a more pop avenue while another wanted a more rock vibe. These independent tastes may have developed when The Jonas Brothers took a hiatus and went their own way on different solo projects.

A music industry insider told People that the solo projects will resume now that The Jonas Brothers aren’t active:

“They are each looking into solo projects. Nick and the Administration are working on another album. They are moving forward away from the Jonas Brothers. I think this is the beginning of the end.”

Currently, Kevin Jonas is filming his reality series on E! called Married to Jonas, while Joe Jonas is also expected to pursue more solo music as he did before.

The Jonas Brothers’ rep Jesse Derris said that the band’s future “remains to be seen.”

Do you think this is the end for The Jonas Brothers?